Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Vision for Singapore in 2030

2013 seems coming so fast and most people will make some new year resolutions which most people find it hard to keep, including myself. There were National Dialogues created by PAP to "seek the views" of Singaporeans what they prefer to see in 2030 Singapore. The argument of PAP is and always we need foreign workers to help us grow or else Singaporeans are out of jobs. All these arguments can only find an answer with political answers.

Personally, my vision for Singapore in 2030 are the following:

Town Councils just liked Mr Tan Cheng Bock had said, should be public institutions, serving the people, and not the political masters. Likewise, if ever oppositions held or PAP wards are lost, the opposite side should not resort to dirty tricks such as the lame explanations given by Teo Ho Pin where they sold the Town Council system to a PAP controlled shell company AIM where Mr Teo said it benefited the Town Councils (PAP held). It seems that people had forgotten that his town council was one of the TCs that lost Million Dollars by investing in the Lehman Brothers' Minibonds.

The People's Associations should be de-politicalised, because the organisation received public money in its operations but used by PAP for its own political gains. The original purpose of People's Association was to check the influences of the communists in the 50s - 60s and it served its purpose to then the colonial master, the British. PAP after Singapore Independence in 1965 used it against the opposition parties until now. The GROs chairmen and his cronies are eyes and ears of PAP to report any political activities of any opposition parties so that PAP can come up plans to counter such activities. The last GE was a good example of such under hand and dirty techniques of PAP using PA for its own good, using PUBLIC MONEY. The PA should be run by people with no political affiliations and have to declare any political memberships.

Finally, the Election Department and the CPIB should not be under the Prime Minister's Office. If a PM is ever corrupted, how can a subordinate started an investigation against the boss? The Election Department and the CPIB should be headed by an independent person such as our Elected President or some body made up of former senior civil servants without any political affiliation or interest with any political parties. In this case if any cases of corruptions or corrupt practices that waste public money, the CPIB should have the power to investigate with fear.

If the Election Department is independent, then Election Boundaries should be made known months before a GE, giving smaller political parties to gather resources to sell their political ideologies to constituents. Equal amount of airtime should be given to all political parties regardless of the size of that party. The Election Department should have power to call for General Elections, by-elections etc.And the GRC systems should be scrapped to reflect the true people's wish in Singapore Parliament. Although PAP only had 60.1% support votes, the number of opposition parties member is only 5 including NCMPs.

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  1. "In the long run.." is a poor basis on which to work, because in the long run, we'll all be DEAD. (With permission from GK Galbraith, or is it?)