Monday, March 26, 2012

George Yeo's Face on Sunday Times


George Yeo's Face was on Sunday Times yesterday and I was wondering if the PAP propaganda machinery aka the SPH had started the media campaign for him if he wanted a comeback revenge against Low Thia Khiang by seizing his Hougang Single Constituency stronghold.

As usual, PAP's method of staging an election is to keep the people and the opposition parties in the dark about the dateline for elections, in this instance the Hougang by election.

But I think George Yeo will lose if he ever contested in Hougang. Someone told me that if WP place a monkey as their candidate, that monkey will win because the people voted for the party, not the person.

I was wondering how PAP will dissect Potong Pasir after Mdm Chiam lost by mere 100 over votes. Chances of lossing Potong Pasir in 4 years time is high and they have to quickly dissolve Potong Pasir.

If the PAP lost the by election at Hougang by a large margin, the it will be a loud voice telling the PAP to wake up and listen to the people! But I suspected that they are still deaf to the voices of the ordinary people. By then, lets see the FTs that PAP treasures to much can help them. This Hougang by election is the focus of true Singaporeans will be definitely exciting.

George, did you speak out for me when I was imprisoned for democracy?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Manpower Minister & PM Lee Please Wake Up!

There are many illusions painted by PAP controlled Medias where they had set in mechanism to control the influx of immigrations aka the FOREIGN WORKERS. How many times must we citizens have to scream and shout that its NOT the FOREIGN WORKERS that need to be controlled! Its the S Pass or the E Pass Foreigners that needs to be controlled!

There are many true stories from work places where Singaporeans are outnumbered 1:10 in a workplace and bossed by a foreigner manager. What for MOM controls foreign worker levies that will affect construction workers, ship yard workers, production workers etc?

Our kids are getting more educated and its becoming harder to get youngsters to do production works. I wondering if PAP government had shot itself in it foot?

PAP government kisses the asses of the PRC government and see these "Ah Tiong" as talent, look what a PRC NUS scholar who called Singapore a land full of dogs and recently the PRC who hijacked a taxi, crashed into the budget terminal and killed a hardworking Malaysian cleaning worker at the budget terminal. Are these people desirable?

Here in Singapore is also swarmed by India Indians, who send their kids to Indian Global International School at Queenstown. Why send their kids to local schools? All these India Indians felt strongly about their mother land India, what is Singapore? Its just another place to spring board themselves to another larger and western country.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CPF Website Down

Tried to access CPF Website, but its down.... Hope it will recover soon.