Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cultural Invasion from China

I was at Chinatown recently and was shocked at the type of strange and foreign food that the China men and women ate. China should have thousand years of culinary traditions and yet the food I saw was liked those from pig swills. Unless I am marooned in a island, I will not eat those food. Not only these China men and women had swamped our little island state. They had invaded us with these food cultural which the local Singaporean Chinese liked me does not eat.

All thanks to PAP government whom I thought had failed geography, thinking that they can fit 6.5 million people onto a postage stamp. Imagine 60.1 voted for PAP and 39.9% votes did reflect the true ground sentiment. GRC system must be scrapped to improve democracy in Singapore.

Majulah Singapura!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ever Increasing Number of India Indians Appearing

I never failed to notice that Indians from India are arriving to Singapore everyday. PM Lee said the PAP Gov going to decreasing the nos of immigration into Singapore. But what I see on the ground is different. It seem that 6.5 Million Population may be a reality in 2015 when GE is around the corner. I seldom sees Malays Singaporeans around too, they did not disappear in the thin air suddenly, its the foreigners who suddenly appeared making the Malay population look lesser. In few years time, I am sure the Malay Population will be come the minority with the Indians overtaking them. I am wondering the Malay PAP MPs seen or felt anything at all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Alan Shadrake is Right, in Singapore there are 2 sets of laws, one Locals, the other is for Ang Mo

Source: TOC

Alan Shadrake's book "Once a jolly Hangman" says it all, there are 2 laws governing Singaporeans and the lowly and the other for citizens of 1st world countries such as UK, Europeans when the law deals with drug cases where in those countries, taking or possessing drugs is liked a stroll into a park.

3 Ang Mo had absconded for their assault on Singapore Taxi driver. It was a nothing new in Singapore after the Romanian Dr Silviu Ionescu had killing 1 and injured 2 pedestrians and he gotten away with it. All thanks for our effective SPF (only effective against political and ordinary Singaporeans)

Reading TOC article, I understand how short handed SPF is. I had a friend who is a police IO and he told me that 24 hours shift is normal and end of shift still need to look into other cases! I do not blame the officers working in SPF, I blame the minister in charged then Wong Kan Seng and now Teo Chee Hean.

Do the SPF need to keep so many Gurkha at Mt Vernon to protect the ministers and other key and cannot trust Singaporeans to do the job? Dear Home Affair Minister, please allocate more budget to Singaporean Police Force.