Thursday, June 7, 2012

Will the Traffic Police Commander Please Stand Up?

When on the road, I can't help to notice the following behavior of foreign motorist who converted their 3rd world driving license (such as from India or China where the driving licenses can be bought):

  • India Indian riders hogging the road while riding in the middle of 1st and 2nd lane and chatting at the same time.
  • India Indian drivers using handphones while driving (of course Singaporeans drivers are also guilty of this too)
  • China man delivery men blocking roads while doing delivery runs.
  • China man truck drivers tailgating extremely close. 
  • Fair India Indians doing last minute lane change into petrol stations etc. 

I was wondering if the Traffic Police commander ever taken orders from the Home Minister regarding the regulations of driving/riding licenses of foreigners who are converting to Singapore driving/riding licenses. I think the conversation between the commander TP and MHA minister was:

TP comdr: Sir, the number of foreigners converting their licenses to Singapore licenses are increasing. 
Wong Kan Seng: Just give it to them!
TP comdr: But sir, their standard are bad, I suggest a simple practical test for them.
Wong Kan Seng: Cut the crap! We have to be foreigner friendly!
TP comdr: I am worried about road safety in Singapore, sir.
Wong Kan Seng: Don't worry! We have many more foreigners coming in to replace any casulties, just do it!
TP comdr: Yes sir! (!@!$!$!@!@%#%^~!.....)

There is not need to say about the safety of Singapore roads especially after the high profile crash of the Ferrari driven by an rich Ah Tiong who dragged another 2 innocent victims with him. The next worrying trend is the unsecured loads being driven on flat beds or trucks on the road. In an accident, those heavy loads such the steam roller will stay on the lorry?

Will the Traffic Police commander please stand up?

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