Friday, June 1, 2012

Indian E Pass holder walk-in looking for job

Today at my office, I had encountered an Indian man walking in my company office looking for a job. My company does not have any vacancy but I patronize him by asking about his back ground:
  • Foreign Indian man in his 30s
  • E Pass holder (Salary must be > $3000)
  • Retrenched due to company re-locating overseas
I was thinking this speaks with a strong Indian accent English, does not look professional, wears a haversack(of course nothing wrong wearing haversack), why he was a E Pass? But I did not ask for his resume and I can't judge him liked a book's cover. This Foreign Indian man also had taken a position that a local young man or jobseeker's may be able to fill.

Maybe Singapore is a victim of its own success, having too many educated people around seeking higher salary.

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