Monday, May 21, 2012

What can Desmond Choo do? Another dumb MP sitting in Parliament?

(Source:  Insing) - Typical PAP wayang using children, elderly for their dirty politics)

What can Desmond Choo do if he is able to swing votes towards PAP after numerous heavy weights standing behind. Previously, Finance Minister Tharman and the most recent PM Lee was there to give him a support even thought he said "he is his own man".Who will come next? Former PM Lee aka LHL's father?

If I am Hougang resident, I need to ask myself will Desmond Choo speak for the Hougang residents regarding these issues:

- Minimum wages - When Professor Lim Chong Yah suggest a radical minimum wage shock therapy did Desmond Choo speak against for for it? Or just liked the rest of his PAP mates?

  • Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and Assistant Secretary- General of NTUC, Ms Josephine Teo said: "To survive, some of these workers will choose to work illegally below minimum wage, just as some choose to forgo CPF today." Then why CPF board never crack down since the practice is so rampant? 
  • Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong said: "a minimum-wage policy runs counter to the Singapore work ethic and culture of self-reliance. A guaranteed level of income may remove the incentive for training for less-productive workers" Then take home about $1200 after OT how so support family.

 - Malays becoming lesser even though their fertility rate is the highest? And why the PR rate for Muslim or Malays are less than 6% as reported in the DOS in their 2010 population report? I got a friend who is a Malaysian who's mother is a Singaporean but his late father is a Malaysian. He told me his PR application is rejected. "Can't appeal throught MP?" He answered "Already done, but no use". So what does this tell me?


  1. Time to have a Malay President. The last one was decades ago. Time to have a Malay CJ and another as DPM. They are not represented in proportion to their numbers in Spore.

    I sincerely hope Hougang residents can see through the fake rapport that Desmond Choo is trying so hard to project. He will be just another PAP stooge making up the numbers if voted into parliament. See no further than Vikram, Denise Phua, Lee BW, Irene Ng, Baey YK, Puthucheary, Chan CS, Teo SL, etc,

  2. I would say he can do more than PNG.