Tuesday, May 15, 2012

People of Hougang have to think of PAP's policies

After the long delay, PM Lee had finally announced the by-election of Hougang. PAP's incumbent candidate Desmond Choo had declared that "I am my own man". One funny thing that contradict his statement is the following picture below showing Finance Minister Tharman walking with Desmond Choo "introducing" him to Hougang residents.

If he is "my own man", then he should just walk just with his grassroot supporters and not using "bigwig" minister's aura for the charm offensive!

(Source from Straits Time)

Residents of Hougane should question of Desmond Choo under PAP's banner will speak out for them on these issues:
  • The safety of road user in the aftermath of the China man's deadly Ferrari crash after beating red light which killed himself and 2 innocent victims.
  • The safety of road users where many foreign drivers and motor cyclists had converted their 3rd world driving licenses which may be bought without going to driving test to Singapore license.
  • The overcrowding of public transport where companies made their workers to take public transport instead of company transport.
  • PAP government pledging billion dollars to help other countries without any PAP questioning the PM because of the Party Whip?
  • Vivian Balakrishnan's long lost report regarding the food poisoning at YOG. (Why should they care where millions were spent and why cry over a few cases of food poisoning?)

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  1. Desmond is NTUC member too. Ask him what he thinks about raising fair wages for low wage worker!! I want to hear his views..