Monday, March 19, 2012

Manpower Minister & PM Lee Please Wake Up!

There are many illusions painted by PAP controlled Medias where they had set in mechanism to control the influx of immigrations aka the FOREIGN WORKERS. How many times must we citizens have to scream and shout that its NOT the FOREIGN WORKERS that need to be controlled! Its the S Pass or the E Pass Foreigners that needs to be controlled!

There are many true stories from work places where Singaporeans are outnumbered 1:10 in a workplace and bossed by a foreigner manager. What for MOM controls foreign worker levies that will affect construction workers, ship yard workers, production workers etc?

Our kids are getting more educated and its becoming harder to get youngsters to do production works. I wondering if PAP government had shot itself in it foot?

PAP government kisses the asses of the PRC government and see these "Ah Tiong" as talent, look what a PRC NUS scholar who called Singapore a land full of dogs and recently the PRC who hijacked a taxi, crashed into the budget terminal and killed a hardworking Malaysian cleaning worker at the budget terminal. Are these people desirable?

Here in Singapore is also swarmed by India Indians, who send their kids to Indian Global International School at Queenstown. Why send their kids to local schools? All these India Indians felt strongly about their mother land India, what is Singapore? Its just another place to spring board themselves to another larger and western country.


  1. everyone knows that these so called "ft" will go where the $$$ is.

  2. Why don't you pick American or Australian or Canadian yada yada International schools for your FT allegiance bash? any axe to grind against Indians in particular?

    1. Yes. We do not like you fakes who just want to make money, look after your own smelly kind and crowd our public system. We do like you ill disciplined children running and screaming in our residence affecting the peaceful enjoyment of other residents.

    2. Talking about kids screaming along corridors, I saw many times where kids from South Asia decent running and screaming along common corridors, bouncing basket balls, adults wearing shorts in swimming pools, i presume with underwear inside.

      We had been transported to the 60s or 70s.

  3. Ang Mo comes at expat terms and their community are not very big or visible. The nos of Indians from India are catching or taken over the Malays population and Malays ma have become the smallest race in Singapore even though their reproduction rate is higher than the Chinese.

    India Indians are appearing every where. Maybe when Nathan when to India for visit, India Indians were warmth that a Indian is a president of Singapore ;)

  4. To prevent people from saying I am against Indians, I will publish photos from Thais, Myanmarese, China Ah Tiongs, Pinoys next time to show how Singapore is being overpopulated by our world best PAP's immigration policy.

    I wrote this to blog to reflect my feel as an ordinary citizen who saw how PAP had betrayed Singaporeans by sidelining Singaporeans. I may be seen as racist by publishing the photos of Indians, but my objective is to show that PAP's immigration policy is flawed and people such as the India Indians are still coming even PAP said they had put in control to restrict immigration.

    PAP claimed to be "controlling" the influx Work Permit foreign workers by raising Foreign Workers Levies, and the actual quota for Work Permits. For E passes there is not cap and these so called FTs who are directly in competition for jobs with ordinary Singaporeans.