Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So called "Foreign Talent" arriving into Singapore

I was at Singapore Changi Airport and saw a Foreign Trash man receiving his family into Singapore with many luggage being loaded into his company's lorry. If really talent, shouldn't this man drives a car, MPV or SUV to receive his family? Why a lorry?

I may be wrong that this family may be Singaporean and I was observing hard in case this family is Singaporean. But from the look, they should be from Myanmar region or even Nepalese.

I was wondering what class of work pass these Trashes can bring their family over? I check MOM website and it says:

P1, P2, Q1 Employment Pass and S Pass holders with a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,800 may apply for Dependant’s Passes for their:

- spouses

- unmarried or legally adopted children under 21 years of age

Those Foreign Trash whom qualifying salary of at least $2800 are eligible to bring their spouses and unmarried children below 21 years old means these people are direct competition with Singaporeans workers whom salary is from $2800. Do we really need these people to clog up our infrastructures and competing with us for jobs and housing in tiny Singapore?


  1. My hope is that still more foreigners come so that they en masse can apply and GET SG civil service jobs. Even now, we already have India teachers in MOE and a PUB China female engineer appearing on Channel 8 news documentary explaining about the renovation to Geylang canal to contain the flood.

    Singaporeans won't weep until they see their coffins, this goes for the 60% who voted for the PAP in 2010 even though the FT impact was plain to see.

  2. You are a fucking retard. Just one look and you know everything there is to know about these people.

    No wonder your garment thinks you're daft.

    Fucking sinkie prick.

  3. I pay you $2800. Please pay me back $1400 after the salary payment. Thank You

  4. "I pay you $2800. Please pay me back $1400 after the salary payment. Thank You"

    Time has changed. Economic bad time is coming. Thing get worse as Employer find excuse to give even lower pay.

    "I pay you $2800. Please pay me back $2000 after the salary payment. It better to have lesser salary than no salary at all. Don't worry, you are not alone. This salary has become the new normal. Thank You."

  5. This practise of cash back to employers is to wide spread that our gov thinks that S Pass scheme is helping Singaporeans to find work.

  6. One trash come with 3 more trash. No wonder our SMRT kept breaking down. PAP is a total moron. Their time will be up pretty soon.

  7. If you guys have problems with foreigners coming in, take that up with your politicians. But don't call legal immigrants "trash". This kind of racism and Xenophobia exists nowhere else on earth :-p

  8. Yay Yay, "Say No to Foreign Trash", the Facebook page of xenophobic Singaporeans, has been removed!