Friday, January 13, 2012

Integration by India Indians. Sure or not??

Every day, I saw many Indian Ladies wearing Sari (not the Tamils Sari that local Indians wear) and its not even Deepavali! PAP Gov always says we Singaporeans should integrate with the Foreigners such as Pinoys, PRCs, Indians etc (How come not the other way round asking foreigners to integrate with local population?)

The demands from the Hindi speaking India Indians for their children language proficiency and the classes setup to cater to this need reinforces PAP policy of making Singapore to accommodate to Foreigners' demands. The banner above tells a thousands words.

What next? Making Hindi the 5th official language? How about making Tagalog the 6th official language too?


  1. If we are not careful, one day, Singapore will become like some cities in UK, such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton, etc.

    These continental Indians have the tendency to form ghettos and colonise whole counties.

    As it is, some neighbourhoods in the east coast area are already becoming too indianised for comfort.

  2. In my neighborhood RC notice board they use the term Dewali instead of Deepavali. for the festival of lights celebration.Bewared of these new immigrants.They had already forming their own mini ghettos and club here.gathering of their own kind,eat their own food,speak their own language. PAP myth of integration? Who there're kidding?

  3. First anonymous commenter: while what you have said is true, your own people also form ghettos and 'colonise' the place. How could you just single the Indians as a ghetto group? Like modern English kids are THAT WELL-BEHAVED..
    You are probably one of the minority xenophobia that are jealous of people who work harder and then you bitch about them stealing your jobs.
    Social behavior have NOTHING to do with race, get that right.

    1. Thank god for someone sane here.

  4. 3rd commentator must be Indian from the British Ghetto ;)

  5. I'm amaze at the statement "Every day, I saw many Indian Ladies wearing Sari (not the Tamils Sari that local Indians wear) and its not even Deepavali!" - besides being grammatically problematic, you seem to assume Singaporean Indians wear sari only during Deepavali. That assumption is baseless - unless you are an Indian lady. I sincerely hope this blog is a joke and that you are a caricature of an ignorant and xenophobic Singaporean.