Monday, January 9, 2012

Foreigners Setup Own Business to Employ their own kind

PAP always think that foreigners are good to establish businesses in Singapore so that they can help Singaporeans get better employment. However, that is further than the truth. In 2006, there are many PRCs opening up Massage Parlours and the authorities only started to clamp down before the 2006 General Election. Even the underground Massage Industry was dominated by Cheap PRCs offer sex services at a discount.

In the advertisement below, the Myanmar Recruitment Agency claiming to able to source Foreign Talent such as General Workers, Cooks, Waiters, Kitchen Helpers, Washers, Cleaners. Further checking their profile at MOM website reveal that ALL their staffs are foreigners. Their Levies must very high if they are Work Permit Holders.

However, I strongly believed that these foreigners in the Recruitment Company are S Pass holders or even PRs. The PAP government so called tweaked the work passes by restricting and increasing Levies for Work Permit workers after a poor result of 60.1 % support rate is not really helping ordinary Singaporeans who are earning $2000 and above. The actual fact is that the S Passes or even E Passes are being abused by employers abetting employees to "cash back" their salary to the employers.

Will this Myanmar Recruitment company employ Singaporeans? No.


  1. The singapore government does not give a damn to the singaporean...all shitty talk only bunch of clowns...

  2. What are Singaporeans? Who give a shit so long as they are just numbers, like the FTs, in the GDP game. They are too daft to vote for change anyway.

  3. Thanks for disclosing the fact that our MOM has been largely sleeping. Head must roll. Let's keep this poster and amplify it in the next election. More must be disclosed and create a video better than the last election. We want all Singaporean voters to take note of such ilks in PAP policies, no PAP ministers must be spared. At least 4 GRCs must be won to create real impact on the sleepy ministers.

  4. Which country allow foreigners to set up business and to employ their own people and ignored the locals? I think only Singapore.