Monday, January 30, 2012

CPIB an Independent Organisation and the Official Secret Act

"CPIB is an independent organisation and it determines for itself how it proceeds the investigations. It also demonstrates no matter how senior, whatever position the officers can be in, they will be subject to full investigation if such a case arises." Today Paper on 28 Jan 2012

Speaking on the sidelines of River Hongbao 2012 - an event hosted by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said: "I am quite disappointed that these two cases have arisen. Nevertheless, it does demonstrate the strength of our system - that any such allegations will be fully and thoroughly investigated. CPIB is an independent organisation and it determines for itself how to proceed with the investigation." The Business Times, Monday, Jan 30, 2012

I was wondering if CPIB is really an Independent Organisation under the PMO's office? Perhaps the Today Paper and the big paper such the Business Times had had made a mistake. But the Org Chart of PMO says differently. So who is right? So confusing!

(Source: CPIB)

(Source: PMO Office)

The other supposing to be an independent stat board should be the Election Department.

How can the Prime Minister do not know about the on going investigations on the 2 MHA big wigs? After all the CPIB is under PMO right? My own guess is the PMO had issued a gag order on this investigation because of the Ministerial Salary debate was on going in Parliament and news that creates cracks in PAP's flawed ideology should be postponed after that debate.

What if I am an officer involved in the CPIB investigation and out of love for my country Singapore told or tipped off the new or old medias, I will be charged under the Official Secret Act if found out. Morally, I will do it but I cannot do it because the law will be coming after me.

I am sure the Official Secret Act serves to protect SINGAPORE against any spying activities by foreign powers, but from what I saw, the Act is used to cover up any shameful "mistakes" that will make the PAP government lose face.

For example if a SAF officer some how was caught behaving in a manner unfit being an officer such as taking upskirt photos, molest etc of the females within a SAF facility, that officer was ask to resign quietly. And what if a NSF clerk told his reporter friend about it and the news were leaked, was the NSF right by telling his reporter friend? Is the government right to charge the NSF?

After all, the Stat Boards such the CPIB and Election Department are not Independent at all because all of them report to the PMO.

"I have been feeling very sad and depressed for the last two weeks. I feel responsible for the occurrence of this unfortunate incident and I feel I should accept full responsibility. As an honourable oriental gentleman I feel it is only right that I should pay the highest penalty for my mistake." Teh Cheang Wan

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