Friday, November 25, 2011

MRT in 1991

Saw this video from TOC.

The year was 1991, the population of Singapore is about 3mil. But now even though now the population is 5 mil, other than the circle line, NEL and Down line being operated or under construction, the original E-W, N-S Line is still the same since the first opening.

PAP always wanted the Singapore population to hit 6.5 million and did not "foresee" building and expanding existing infrastructures. If they get their way, then SMRT or SBS Transit will have to employ passenger packers to push people into the train coaches. Then ladies will have to forget about their modesty. Is that what Singaporeans wanted?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Destruction of 2011 GE Ballots Boxes, Our votes Remained Secret

S'pore pledges S$50m to narrow ASEAN gap. Why???

(Source: CNA)

Christmas is coming and Singapore is playing Santa Clause to "poorer" ASEAN nations by pledging S$50mil to help them overcome the storm forecast from Europe. Personally, the S$50mil is not printed from PAP's money printing machine. The amount are the people's money gained by PAP through the various means of taxes, surplus etc. Its not PM Lee's ah kong's money too!

Why spend on other countries that cannot help themselves and the pledge is liked pouring money into vast pit without any quenching and not spend S$50mil on our own people? Liked helping poor old folks to spend their twilight years more comfortability?

Our 7269 votes President Tony Tan who suppose to spend his working time looking after our reserve is not going to do anything about this? I could remember during Asian Crisis when then PM Goh wanted to loan S$10 Billion to Indonesia but luckily Dr Chee Soon Juan "cry father cry mother" and PAP quickly said the Indonesians did not need the loan at all.

S$50mil is loose change compared to then S$10 Billions but still President Tony Tan should make some noise unless the Presidential Key does not lock the source of the S$50mil!

"Controversy then arose during the campaign when rival teams headed by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Chee Soon Juan met on 28 October during street electioneering in a contested constituency.

Chee Soon Juan publicly challenged the Prime Minister and the government to explain and justify US$10 billion of loans previously offered to former President Suharto of Indonesia. Chee Soon Juan later apologised to the Prime Minister for the manner of his questioning and any personal offence caused by it.

This and a subsequent apology was rejected, and Goh Chok Tong demanded a formal apology, damages and costs for the allegedly libellous attack on his "character, competence and integrity" as Prime Minister.

Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew made similar demands. Chee Soon Juan subsequently apologised as demanded, agreed not to repeat the allegations and to pay damages and costs to both minister
s." (Source:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Temasek Review Emeritus Resurrection Soon

After Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck's arrest for conduct illegal exit poll for the GE and the unexpected shut down of Temasek Review Emertius after his appointment with the Home Team, I was curious to see if the site was still down. I missed the anti-PAP articles from TRE and was happy to see the notice from TRE's hosting company.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ok to Work Continuously Non-Stop for 12 Days???

I was reading the Employment Act in the MOM website and was shocked that a worker under the Employment Act (those earning < $2000) is legally able to work continuously for 12 days with 1 day off. Therefore, its perfectly alright to make people working as dishwasher, cleaner, or plate collectors to work 12 days with 1 day off....... All I can see that our post 65 employment act need a revision.

"The longest allowable interval between two rest days is 12 days. This can occur where in one week, the rest day is given on Monday, which is at the beginning of the working week. In the following week, the rest day is on Sunday, which is at the end of next working week. This will enable an employee to take two rest days at a stretch and allow an employer greater flexibility in the rostering of rest days." Part IV of the Employment Act & Section 33

Even better for employer, if a worker desire to work more than 72 hours per month, the company can apply a "special waiver" to work beyond 72 hours per month!