Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dr Joseph Ong Chor Teck Arrested for Conducting Exit Poll?

(The smiling face of PA Chief & Return Officer Yam Ah Mee plus countless PR make over for him, but is there a sinister side of this PAP's henchman?)

Tin Pei Ling was let off while ordinary Singaporean arrested...... PAP still did not learn from low 60.1% approval rate.....

However, this man is not ordinary man, he was supposing the head of the PAP's Thorn in the flesh Temasek Review Emeritus. MSM such as AsiaOne from SPH even publish Dr Joseph Ong's background, such as he was a government medical doctor, now worked as a GP at a particular clinic etc. The MSM even published his picture for everyone to see...... Once someone who is a thorn of PAP's side is found, he's career and reputation whether good or bad will be made bad. I am no surprised that MSM published so much detail of this person, who's fault lies to be against the PAP.

Is he the man behind Temasek Review?

Singapore man arrested for conducting exit poll


Published: Oct 16, 2011 10:00 Updated: Oct 16, 2011 10:00

SINGAPORE: Singapore has arrested a man linked to a popular socio-political website for conducting an exit poll ahead of the general election in May, the island’s leading Sunday newspaper said.

Joseph Ong Chor Teck was arrested for offenses under the Parliamentary Elections Act and has since been released on bail pending further investigations, a police spokesman said, confirming a story in The Sunday Times.

The police did not provide more details. It is an offense to carry out private polls around an election in Singapore.

The newspaper said that Ong was linked to Temasek Review, a popular website for political commentary that is mostly critical of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP). The site went offline about a month ago.

Ong was arrested on Sept 3 for conducting an exit poll during the general election on May 7, said the Sunday Times, part of the Straits Times group, which usually reflects government views.

Singapore’s long-ruling PAP swept back to power in May in the most hotly contested general election since independence, but the opposition also made historic gains.

PAP’s share of the vote fell to a record low 60 percent in the election against 67 percent in 2006, due to discontent over income gaps and immigration policy seen as too lax.

Singapore, the Asian base for many banks and multinational companies, gets top rankings as an investment destination and for ease of doing business in international surveys.

But critics say the city-state has few of the outlets for grievances normally found in a democratic society.

Amnesty International criticizes the government for penalising activists for exercising their right to free speech, while Reporters without Borders ranks Singapore 136th in terms of press freedom, below the likes of Iraq and Zimbabwe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

President Tony Tan Toeing PAP's Line

“One important platform for engagement is the new media. The internet is a tremendous tool to empower individuals, link us up with one another, and mobilise people for social causes. But the new media also creates real challenges. On the internet, truth is not easily distinguished from misinformation. Anonymity is often abused. Harsh, intemperate voices often drown out moderate, considered views. Other countries struggle with this problem too. We must find ways to use the new media constructively, to connect with the digital generation and sustain fruitful conversations on issues concerning us all.”
President Tony Tan addressing the opening of the 12th Parliament

Our 7269 votes President in the opening of the new parliament session said the above. He seem to be liked a parrot, parroting or toeing PAP's view about the so called NEW MEDIA. Internet forums are not new, just that social media sites such as Facebook or Tweeter or even blogger had speed up the propagation of personal or the so called the views from the Harsh, intemperate individuals. I am sure that 60.1% speaks fairly well of the so call support to the higher than thou PAP in the recent election.

How about using ISA to arrest these Harsh and intemperate voices?

As president, he has forgotten that freedom of speech is written in Singapore's Constitutions, but neutralised by PAP through the various Acts written.

I also wondered after May 2011 General Election, why it took 5 months for the PM to convene the start of the New Parliament? Do the new ministers or MPs need 5 months to orientate themselves in their new jobs and responsibilities? Parliament do not need to meet for discussions on the effect of the financial storm from Europe on ordinary Singapore Citizens?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Boon Lay Becoming another Sungei Road Flea Market or Thieves' Market?

After resounding PAP victory over the Reform Party, an area in that GRC imo is becoming a flea market or look liked Sungei Road "thieves' market". I am not belittling the people at Sungei Road flea market. But if someone looses a boot, most likely it had already ended up in Sungei Road. But due to the circle line development, about half of the current Sungei Road flea market had be taken by Circle line development.

The flea market at Boon Lay have the favour of Sungei Road. IMO, PAP always said that if opposition parties ever won a consituency or GRC, that opposition controlled area will become a slum! But I see it otherwise, PAP controlled Boon Lay may had already became a slum.....?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Merdeka Malaysia! Merdeka Singapura!

No chance of Singapore re-joining Malaysia? Young LYK was so firm and enthusiastic to do so in the 60s. Singaporeans now seem to look down on the development of Malaysia but had forgotten the size of the land and population. If Singapore was still with Malaysia, then we could be modeled liked Penang, the other3 of the former Crown Colonies of the former British Empire in Malaya.

LYK's latest wise words of wisdom was "Unlikely for Singapore, Malaysia to merge", but it seem that he had reverse his words in 2010 and Oct 2007 that Singapore would be happy to join Malaysia if they keep put their house in order.