Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yipee! Singapore out of USA List for Human Trafficking - PRC Pros willing to sell themselves here!

(Source: Yahoo!)

USA had removed Singapore from the list of countries involved in Human Trafficking after "angry protest" and "blasting" from our MHA to the USA. The list is suppose to list countries that are not doing well enough to protect people from being trafficked and what governments deals with such cases. Apparently, the Pot (USA) is calling other Kettles (countries such as Singapore) black because domestically, USA faced a bigger human trafficking problem than Singapore aka, little red dot.

The USA's case against Singapore was that our government (MHA) did not classified "victims" of sex trafficking such as women from poorer nations such as Philippines, Vietnam etc as victims of sex trafficking even when they were "coerced" into the trade after the promised dream jobs turned out to be a bar girl in a sleazy pub.

Great news for Singapore to proof our human rights practice is sound to protect women from the underground sex industry.

We have news of Vietnam women being caught with their bras and panties off in some sleazy bars by Singapore Police at Joo Chiat recently. But we can't face the fact that despite the actions from the Anti-Vice from Singapore Police, there are still endless supplies of flesh meats to feed our sexual appetites, especially the Foreign Trash prostitutes from China. I will not surprised if alot of them are Singapore PRs!


No, no, we are not closing our eyes on human trafficking, these women come willing. Especially those from China and these advertisement proofed it. How to forced these China Foreign Trash prostitutes wear sexy lingerie and posed nicely in front of camera? They come and bang willingly! I am not sure if the Singapore Police Force have a unit to surf the net looking for vices and plan enforcement actions. after all, we are in the Internet age.

Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Tans in Singapore Presidential Bids


Mr Tony Tan, ex DPM from PAP, now ex Chairman of SPH had given the boost of publicity from SPH for his candidacy for Elected President of Singapore. Other 2 potential candidates, former PAP MP Tan Cheng Bock Ex Income CEO Tan Kin Lian had earlier thrown their hats into the sparing ring.

However, former DPM Tony Tan seem have a upper hand in gaining support from the Main Stream Media because he was after all its ex Chairman. Now, there are 2 candidates, with PAP back ground and only ex Income CEO Tan Kin Lian is non related to PAP directly.

Personally, I will vote for Tan Kin Lian because he was the only one who gave the voices to the people who were duped into investing those toxic investment products offered by the major banks in Singapore back to the financial crisis trigger by failed Lehman Brothers.

Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bock, not sure if I wanted to vote for them because after all they are with PAP background. The ground seem to have cooled down since May 2011 election fever. I believed that presidential election is a boring affair because there were no political affiliation linked to the candidates; only who you or I liked.

After all, I believed that the Elected President, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's pet idea was flawed. We are the half F British parliamentary system with a President as figure head of Singapore. Scrap the Elected President or revert back to appointed president!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New BMW 3 Series is Internet Enabled; will it create a potential road hazard?

The Saturday paper on 18 June had an advertisement from BMW about the new BMW 3 series. It has a advanced entertainment/interface system where it enables users (or drivers) to "Surf the net on the go" or "Access your mobile phone on your dash board".

(Source: Straits Times, 18 June 11)

No doubt, BMW is a reputable company when it comes to safety and its reputed German engineering company. But this advertisement had my doubts.....

It enables drivers or passengers to surf the Internet? I do hoped drivers cannot surf the Internet while he or she is behind the wheels. If not LTA or the Traffic Police should look into this feature offered by BMW. While its new feature seem to enable drivers to access mobile phones with actually touching the phone, it will still be a potential safety hazard because it distracts the driver from the road situation.

After all, cars from reputable company such as BMW should enhance road safety, and not becoming a road hazard.

(Source: Straits Times, 18 June 11)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teenager who fallen into MRT Track - Family sueing SMRT for S$3.4 Millions

(Source: Yahoo)

Yahoo reported that the Teenager girl from Thailand who returned to Thailand this week had sued SMRT for damages equivalent to 20 prosthetic legs eah costing about S$150k. The family had disputed the "official" version from the MSM that she had fainted and fallen onto the MRT track to push the responsibility to the Thai Girl. The lawyer representing the family sueing SMRT had requested the footage from SMRT as evident.

I am not sure if there are any witnesses to this incident. PAP's open door policy to foreign talents had burst the infrastructure to support the sudden surge of people. I was wondering if the PM's cabinet ministers were sleeping when a different ministry had implemented certain policy such as immigration. Transport, Housing ministries were not in the loop when PM Lee decided to backstab all Singaporeans through his liberal immigration policy?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's Sacred Cow - The Elected President

A sacred sow that Mr Lee Kuan Yew created needed to be slaughtered: The Singapore Elected President.

The Elected President cannot have decision on:
  • Granting amnesty for death roll prisoners such as Malaysian drug mule Yong Vui Kong who was caught when he was 19 years. (Cabinet advice the president on this)
  • Stock taking of Singapore National Assets. (President Ong Teng Cheong tried and was shot down by PAP)
There are only 2 Presidential hopefuls IMO will qualify for the world's most stringent presidential candidate requirement; Mr Tan Cheng Bock and Tan Kin Lian. (George Yeo had not declared his intention and President Nathan who did not declare if he still wanted to contest)

Mr S Jayakumar & Law Minister K Shanmugam had bluntly rebuked Tan Kin Lian about his vision of becoming a presidential candidate. The 2 PAP ministers said that the ELECTED President cannot influence (directed at Tan Kin Lian) the investment and operations of the GIC, Temasek and other GLCs.

If there are so many restrictions on the ELECTED President, then why need a Elected President in the first place? The answer is simple, the wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew where was quote:

Without the elected president and if there is a freak result, within two or three years, the army would have to come in and stop it" -- MM Lee Kuan Yew on what would happen if a profligate opposition government touched Singapore's vast monetary reserves (wikiquote)

Singapore Elected President's role is only restricted to:
  • Protecting the "Reserve". (Assisted by Presidential Council appointed by PAP)
  • Appointing KAH in Singapore Gov such as PM and his Cabinet (Ceremonial role)
  • ISA Detainees is under the President's purview. (Really? Cabinet also will "Advice" the president?)
So if the Singapore Elected President is so restricted in his office, then why should he be elected in the first place? Singapore President should be reverted to ceremonial role if he with a mandate from Singaporeans cannot have power to influence the government's running of Singapore.

(Yong Vui Kong, Source:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

PRC man beat a Singaporean Malay Man and called him "Dog" 5 times!

I am angry today!

I was browsing Temasek Review Emeritus and saw an article by TRE Editorial about a Racist and Seditious remark made by a PRC after a traffic skirmish with a Malay pedestrian. This proud China Man backed by 5000 years of cultural called the Malay man a dog 5 times! Malays being the indigenous people of Malaysia and Singapore should not taking this insult sitting down. I cannot take foreigners insulting a fellow Singaporean, especially he insulted a Muslim too!

The following are the words written by the Chinese barbarian who claimed to have 5000 years of cultural behind him. But he had forgotten that in the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao had wiped clean the 5000 years of Chinese Cultural during the infamous Cultural Revolution.


"那天下午运货差点撞了个,马来狗,蛋子见车来不仅不让路,事后还故装潇洒!脚还贱起来了,一个后蹬蹄把哥货架上的几箱货给踢掉 俗话说屎可忍,而火不可忍呢也,接着吾骄傲的自尊心告诉我,这狗绝对是想找刺激,吾愤怒的抄起木棒就跳下车,一脚踹飞他的车,这狗真精看情形不对撒腿就跑,吾一飞棍下去。。草。。偏了,接着犹如风一样的男子追了过去,岂料,他以为跑到他之主管面前就没事了,吾无视之,冲过去犹如按狗一样地一招喉轮落(under taker的必杀技)将其按倒在地,给了他一巴掌!用着中英文夹杂家乡话尽情的侮辱着这只狗,只见他们几个软弱的主管吓懵了,苦苦哀求着。。。大哥行了吧。。妈的我还没开始打呢,就成鸡汤了,先前潇洒的姿态哪去了,爱么索瑞,爱慕索瑞,缩你妈个头才是真理,不是因为哥还有点意识,这是在新加坡,早就削你去医院了,在哪都一样,陌路相逢以礼待,装比耗你一撮毛!痛快!!爽哉

弱肉强食 人性险恶

装B贩子们尽管站出来 告诉你们哥来新加坡不是当孙子的 是来求虐萩侮辱的- - 正宗的有着5000年中花民族洗礼的高贵的中国人


Friday, June 10, 2011

I Never Felt Sorry for Ex FM George Yeo's Defeat

I never felt sorry for George Yeo's defeat in GE 2011. The most recent "immoral" Singapore Foreign diplomacy is the stalled Extraditing Treaty with Indonesia.

We can says NO to Indonesia's request to "return" their citizens to face judgements or questionings. After some time, these fugitive Indonesians became Singaporeans and MFA can says, "These people are Singaporeans", a good example is Agus Anwar, a suspect involved over $US214 million that's unaccounted for from Bank Pelita; stolen through corruption. Some people may argue that Indonesia is corrupted and they deserve it through their lax control domestically. But Singapore as member of ASEAN and so called "good friend" of Indonesia do that to a friend?

Yesterday, former SM Jayakumar launched his book "Diplomacy - A Singapore Experience" reflecting his experience as Singapore's foreign minister. The baton was passed to George Yeo. so did George Yeo just parrot what Prof Jayakumar had done (or PAP Team speak from Mr LYK?)

I noted a interesting paragraph from the CNA report:

"Turning to ties with Indonesia, prof Jayakumar noted the "warm rapport" between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.".

Will a good neighbor return a stolen chicken by a neighbor's worker? Even a good neighbor wanted to shelter the thief worker, then rightfully the stolen chicken should be returned.

Will vote for George Yeo if he ever stood for election? Definitely no, the people in Aljunied had already spoken.

Indonesian-born Mr Agus, now in his late 50s, moved here in 2000 to start afresh amid the fallout from the 1997 financial crisis, which hit Indonesia hard.

He became a Singapore citizen in 2004 - the year news reports quoted Indonesian officials as saying that he owed the Indonesian government 3.2 trillion rupiah.

The money, equivalent to $633 million at the time, was said to have been used to bail out two of his Indonesian-based banks which collapsed as a result of the 1997 crisis.

The banks, Bank Istimarat and Bank Pelita, are now defunct. According to the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA), Bank Istimarat and Bank Pelita misused the Indonesian government's emergency loan. (Source:AsiaOne)

Nazaruddin witness status hampers extradition efforts: KPK

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chief Haryono Umar said Sunday the witness status of former Democratic Party treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin, currently in Singapore, makes it difficult to arrange legal efforts for bringing him back to Indonesia.

“Nazaruddin is still a witness. When his status turns to suspect there will be legal processes against him,” he said Sunday, as quoted by

Nazaruddin was allegedly involved in a SEA Games athlete dormitory construction bribery case. He also allegedly attempted to bribe Constitutional Court secretary general Djanedri M Gaffar.

Nazaruddin has been in Singapore for the last two weeks, saying he needed a medical check-up. He left for Singapore a day before the KPK requested the Immigration Office issue a ban on him traveling abroad.

Haryono said the KPK will concentrate on collecting information from three suspects arrested over the SEA Games dormitory construction: Youth and Sports Ministry secretary Wafid Muharam, PT Anak Negeri Marketing Director Mindo Rosalina Manulang and PT Duta Graha Indah Marketing Manager Muhammad El Idris.

“We are focusing on these three now,” he said. The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orchard Road Flood 2011 Explanations

Last year, the official explanation for the Epic Orchard Road flood was due to fallen tree in the diversion big drain causing the blockage and chocked drain inlets caused by leaves and rubbish.

This year, the blame for flooding is pointed to software problem resulting delayed early warning to buildings to prepare for flood; and the lousy building pump system at Tanglin Mall!

Are the PUB running out of idea to explain to the public the cause? How about the level at Marina Bay and are the pumps at Marine Barrage working effectively at all?

Environmental minister Vivian, who was the Sports Minister had not even explained the food poisoning among the YOG volunteers, I think I have to wait and see if he is "transparent" enough to explain the actual cause.

But, opposition MPs only 6 with 3 NCMPs, there is nothing an alternate voice can challenge PAP's handling of the many floods at Orchard road and whole wide Singapore.

(Source: Yahoo via @onglette)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Orchard Road Flooded again - 5 June 2011

(Source: Yahoo via @onglette)

Dr Balakrishnan had a big headache after becoming the environment minister. Firstly, the once every 50 years freak flood had again happened again after PUB had raised the roads at Orchard and now the worse flood had happened else where at Orchard area. It happened at the Tanglin Area now.

(Strangely, last Orchard Road once every 50 Years Massive flood happened on the last Dragon Boat Festival in 2010. This year, it happened 1 day before the Dragon Boat Festival; which is 6 June 2011 or 5th day, 5th month of the Lunar Calendar. I think the 4 sea dragon emperors are really angry with Singapore for not holding Dragon Boat Festival Bradon Boat races at Singapore River for many years!)

(Almost 1 year after the Massive Orchard Road Flood)

My question is, was the down pour much different from what we had during Orchard first flood? The only difference is that the roads are already raised on the main Orchard Road. Could this be a case of engineering gone wrong? Is the raised roads at Orchard acted as dams to diverted rain water towards areas that were not previously flooded?

(Link to the Freak Floods)

My previous blog on the congestion on Bt Timah and the PIE Canel seem to have a effect to PUB with them dredging the Bukit Timah canal. Now, we'll see if the PIE canal Vegetable plots will be removed by PUB too after Orchard Flood Part 2; the difference now is worst flood in 25 Years!

My thought of the main cause of the flooding is always be the Marine Barrage, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's ingenious idea to dam a natural outlet of water body to save face and having a political upper hand in Singapore's water supply deals with Malaysia.

Speaking after inspecting the flood areas at Tanglin Mall, Dr Balakrishnan said, "Personally, I think our weather has changed. I'm actually psychologically prepared for it to get worse."

"You're dealing with nature, and you're dealing with the weather; you have to be prepared that there is a limit to human engineering and what we can deliver, " he added.

"But having said that, let us make sure we have done the best we can and within those limits, then cope with whatever else that nature throws at us."

In a post on his blog entitled "Focus of floods: 5 Key questions", the Minister also wrote "We are dealing with Nature(??), and Man needs to be humble when addressing the challenges that Nature poses". (Blockage of Singapore River with Marine Barrage is a problem nature poses?)

He also admitted that "sometimes despite our best efforts, we cannot win" when dealing with flood issues but he promised that "we will be open and transparent. We will share as much data in real time as possible so that solutions and precautions can be devised for the immediate and long term." Yahoo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tragic Cases of Drowning in Drains - Latest on 1 June 2011

A tragic accident linked to the 1 June 2011 downpour had occurred......

(Source: Today paper)

William Lim, 15 an Indonesian student who was here on holiday was drowned after he fell into a non barricaded drain and was swept away. IMO, someone will have a higher chance of being drowned in Indonesia compared to Singapore during a flood because of the infrastructures, but it happened. PUB only started to install barricade AFTER a death had happened.......

HOWEVER, this is not the first case of drowning happening in a flash flood. PUB had only just awaken after sleeping since 2003 from a similar case in Boon Lay Drive Blk 191.

In 2003, a 3 years old toddler boy named Jiawei was swept away after his mother fallen into a "hidden" drain covered with rain water. His body was found in Jurong lake after a few days.....

Am I very critical of our stats boards over this incident? I do not think so because the case of the 15 years old Indonesian teen should not have happened again because a case had happened in 2003. Why it happened again?

Below is the new about the tragic drowning of the 3 years old toddler boy:

"No sign of toddler, so search is called off. Search party looked for 16 hours for boy, three, who vanished after he and mum stumbled into flooded drain after storm

By Dawn Wong

THE search for the boy who was swept away in a flooded drain at Boon Lay Drive was called off at 4 pm yesterday, after no body was found. A team of navy divers, along with the police, coast guard and 25 Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers had been brought in to look for Pan Jiawei, three.

In 16 hours, they covered all the connecting drains from Block 191 at Boon Lay Drive to the 80 ha Jurong Lake at the Chinese Garden, which is about 3 km away. This included more than 1 km of the Sungei Lanchar canal, which runs into the lake.
At the canal's broadest point, six officers walked shoulder to shoulder in chest-high water. Every time they felt something with their feet on the debris-laden floor, they stopped to check.

Police spokesman Audrey Ang said divers searched the lake as well as its mouth, which leads to the sea.
Lieutenant-Colonel N. Subhas, head of SCDF's public affairs department, said: 'The current inside the drain was very strong immediately after the downpour, and that could have caused the boy to be swept very far away.'

The boy, the youngest of four children, was clutched in the arms of his mother, housewife Lin Yuzhu, 28, when she accidentally stumbled into a 1 m-deep drain outside Block 191, at about 6.40 pm on Tuesday.

The mishap took place during a thunderstorm which caused the drain to overflow. Water covered the pavement and the road near it.
Jiawei slipped out of her arms when she lost her balance. The last time she saw him, he was being carried away by the water. The mother of three boys and a girl was on her way to fetch one of her older sons from his school when the incident occurred.

Police said that though the search has ended officially, they will continue to look out for the boy.

Madam Lin refused to be interviewed at her Boon Lay Drive flat yesterday, but The Straits Times found out that when she fell into the drain, she panicked and struggled because she could not swim.
After she was rescued by passers-by, they had to prevent her from jumping back in to look for Jiawei.

Shopkeepers at Block 188, near where it happened, said that the area near the drain always flooded badly whenever it rained. Madam Jaime Lim, 39, who works at a tailor shop, said: 'After it rains, people cannot see the drain.'"

Ang Mo Kio Central 1 "Mini" Flood on 1 June 2011

I was with my friend for lunch at Ang Mo Kio Central 1 on 1 June when it rained heavily. The rain was so heavy that the wind was blowing against the glass door of the restaurant forcing it to open at times. After sitting too long, we decided to walk about as it was too boring to continue seating.

As we went around the neighborhood, we saw a mini flood had developed........ People were wading in ankle high water and a mini "geyser" had developed and after about 10 mins, the water stopped gushing out and the rain water started to flow into the covered manhole. I was amused that manhole got such great function!

I am also amused that it was happening at Ang Mo Kio GRC, PM Lee's GRC and I thought that they should tip top maintenance and services since IT IS the PM's GRC!

Well, it was nothing because even since the brain child of Mr Lee Kuan Yew the Marine Barriage had been constructed, Singapore had been facing flash floods very often. A classic example of man trying to play god by changing the natural landscapes.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lukewarm Response on Elected President

(Ex S African President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela; Cannot qualified as a Presidential Candidate according to Singapore Elected President Criteria)

Today suppose to be the day where "Elected President" hopeful turned up to collect a form to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility. Only Tan Cheng Bock, former PAP MP and going to be or ex PAP Member seem to be the most qualified candidate.

A unknown Mr Ooi Boon Ewe turned up to collect the form, but I doubt that he possessed the quality that demands of a Elected President!

A proxy of a mysterious "Mr Lee" also turned up, not sure if its the Father............ :(

I wrote last year on the criteria of a Elected President in Singapore and even Nelson Mandala (if he was ever a Singapore) can't even qualify to be a candidate!

Below is the link:

Singapore Super President!