Friday, May 27, 2011

Human Resource Company Putting Down Locals

I got a junk mail from a person called Charles Lim hawking his foreign manpower wares. I felt that these people are scum of Singapore society writing those hurtful words about how good is it to hire foreigners than Singaporeans or even Malaysians.

True that Singaporeans job hops, so do the rest of the people from the World. Does it meant that China man or woman does not job hop? Talk to any employers who had hired them will hear their stories with these foreigners.

Not that Locals cannot do long hours, we have our families with us, not those foreigners working in Singapore, unless of course they have families but are not under the majority work permit holders.

This is the spam junk mail from this Mr Charles Lim:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hopefully,very soon your company/restaurant or organisation will be able to employ more foreign 'china, indian, blangadesh n filipino's' workers .

Companies like (......etc) are all engaging their services.

And a lot of these foreign workers have proven to be very hardworking and effective.

It is also a very surprising but truthful fact that some of these organisation's best performing ..'sales/retail' & service'.. personnels are from China/Philippines...etc.

Employers from the ..'service & manufacturing'.. industries in Singapore are always facing the biggest problem,because their ('local/malaysian') workers are always job-hopping.

We will rest assured you that our workers will be on contract to you for at least 01 to 02 years.

Our training school in China n Manila will be able to allocate workers according to your company's requirements n needs.

Our services to your company is free of charge if you take our workers.

Backed by an expert team and driven by our passion and commitment to effectively serve people, we are dedicated to assist you in all your employment needs.

We are leading foreign talents provider recruiting professional, skilled/ semi skilled & general workers from: PRC(China), Philippines, India, Blangadesh, Myanmar & etc for all the various industries.

Why choose us?

We have workers with good attitude & cheaper salary package compared to locals.

We screen and test job seekers and evaluate them not only on their competence but also on their character as well as mental and physical fitness to take on the rigors of working in Singapore.

We brief workers before departing not just on airport procedures,work ethics and the job at hand but also about the culture,customs and practices of Singapore.

We do not end our service at deployment.

We continuously monitor the condition and progress of our workers at work as well as listen and respond to the feed back of our client organizations.

Our promises .....To provide high quality,reliable & timely services.
.....To work closely together with our clients in solving unforseen problems during the employment of our workers.

.....Not only we promise what we can deliver.

.....We deliver more than what we promise.

Again, no cost incurred for you......& obligations.

Give our workers a try and u will not regret it.

(Our S Pass approval rate is very high.) (They have magic trick with MOM?)

Any enquires, please feel free to give me a call.


Charles Lim

Senior Business Manager

Singapore Accredited Employment Agency


No.67 Ubi Crescent #XX-XX

Techniques Centre

Singapore 408560


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ERP Trial to Test Robustness of Satellite Based ERP

(Source: CNA)

After sweeping win of PAP of 81 out of 87 Parliament seats in 7 May 2011 General Election with all time low score of 60.01 %, the PAP government had started today the Satellite based ERP system trial to replace the ERP Gantries.

The LTA had already given out S$1m as form of seed money to 4 companies to do trial test of the satellite base ERP to collect money from road users. If LTA had its way to implement whole island ERP charges, then transport companies, sales people will be affected by the increased cost if charges are based on distance.

So what if the PAP government had scrapped the Radio & TV Licenses from Households and vehicles. The form of TV tax is gaining little money and only collected once a year. While new brain child of PAP to collect money from people in Singapore is using the Island wide ERP.

There is no need to consult the people or have any parliament debates over this issue because Opposition party only have 6 seats. 81 vs 6 is still no say in any issues that PAP bulldozed in Singapore. In 2006 after PAP had walked over most GRCs, the first Parliament only convene after 6 months.....

In a true democracy, such as UK, which is our former colonial master, had to put the people's feeling first and the effectiveness of implementing policies such road pricing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tail Coaters' Club II

The following are the newly minted members of the Singapore Parliament Tail-Coaters' Club (Short cut to Singapore Parliament relying on a Senior candidate usually a PAP Cabinet Minister to enter Singapore Parliament)

The PAP Ang Mo Kio Election Poster speaks a thousands word; Notice the "Big Head" portrait of PM Lee? He is the Leader of the GRC and the rest with "smaller heads" are the "padawan learners", still cannot walk politically on their own, especially the new candidates.

Under the GRC system, the older MP elects did not even dare to question their leaders on policies who brought them into parliament because its the leader of the GRC who brought them in parliament in the first place. So quietly collect the monthly MP allowances and do own business and once a while speak in Parliament about some non issues to make the $15k worth.

(Source: Purple_man)

Tanjong Pagar GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Lee Kuan Yew) - Walk over :(That Election official who disqualified the opposition team will get a fat special bonus for helping then MM Lee's team so that he not need to speak at rallies):
Chan Chun Sing & Chia Shi-Lu

Ang Mo Kio GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Lee Hsien Loong): 69.35% of the Votes
Intan Azura Mokhtar and Ang Hin Kee.

Choa Chu Kang GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Gan Kim Yong) 61.20% of the Votes
Low Yen Ling and Alex Yam Ziming.

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Vivian Balakrishnan) 60.1% of the Votes
Sim Ann.

Jurong GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Tharman Shanmugaratnam) 66.96% of the Votes
Desmond Lee Ti-Seng, David Ong Kim Huat and Ang Wei Neng.

Marine Parade GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Goh Chok Tong) 56.65% of the Votes
Seah Kian Peng, Tin Pei Ling and Tan Chuan-Jin

Moulmein-Kallang GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Yaacob Ibrahim & Mr Lui aka Mr Mushroom) 58.55 of the Votes
Edwin Tong Chun Fai

Nee Soon GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - K Shanmugam) 58.40% of the Votes
Patrick Tay Teck Guan.

Pasir Ris-Punggol Tail-Coaters (Leader - Teo Chee Hean) 64.79% of the Votes
Gan Thiam Poh, Janil Arusha Puthucheary and Zainal Bin Sapari

Sembawang GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Khaw Boon Wan ) 63.9% of the Votes
Vikram Nair

Tampines GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Mah Bow Tan) 57.2% of the Votes
Heng Swee Keat

West Coast GRC Tail-Coaters (Leader - Lim Hng Kiang) 66.57% of the Votes
Foo Mee Har and Lawrence Wong Shyun Tsai.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Interesting Article about PAP Town Council & Managing Agent

While reading Yahoo article "PAP should not view Opposition as ‘enemy’: SPP’s Pwee"

I saw a very insightful comment from "POO KEE MAK" sharing about his experience living in estate managed by Jurong Town Council:

"I feel compelled to write in after reading your article, “GM of Jurong TC is the MD of its contractor for managing township services”, dated 16 May 2011.

I am a resident at Block 327, Jurong East Street 31, which is under the Jurong Town Council. During the past year-and-a-half, the estate in my neighbourhood underwent a Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP).

Now that I know that Mr. Ho Thian Poh is the General Manager of Jurong Town Council and the Managing Director of UGL Premas Limited, I can’t help but suspect that some kind of corrupt practice was at play here during the LUP at Jurong East Street 31. The renovation work carried out over the 18 months were not only unnecessary, they were also extremely suspicious in nature. The walls and floors of each lift lobby on all 15 storeys, including the ground floor lobby, were taken apart at least 4 times during that period. Each time, a new floor was relaid.

There were two lifts on each storey. When the first lift was being replaced, the floors were dug up and replaced with a cement floor. The work then stopped as work began in the neighbouring blocks. After about 6 months later, work was resumed and a new lift was installed. The floors were then dug up again and replaced by tiled floors. It was also during this time, that the walls were drilled apart. Then the works stopped after that, as the other neighbouring blocks received the same treatment.

Then 6 months later, work resumed on the second lift. After it was removed from the lift shaft, the floors were once again dug up and replaced. This time with a cement floor. Then renovation stopped again, until about 3 months later when the new lift was installed. Again, the floors were all dug up once again, replaced with a cement
floor with a tiled-centre. The walls were filled up and painted with a white coat.

Just when I thought they were finally done with all these unnecessary digging and replacement of floors, about one month before the 2011 Elections, they dug up the floors and walls once again, replaced with fully tiled floors and walls.

As I am a freelancer who regularly works from home, the past 18 months had been a complete nightmare. The corridors were covered in dust and the neighbourhood was constantly surrounded by loud construction noises. But that is not my main concern here.

Most importantly, I cannot see any logic in having the floors dug up and relaid more than 4 times during lift renovations work. Whatever damage caused to the floor during the lift replacement was minimal and needed very little re-laying done. Yet all 15 floors were replaced over and over again.

The only reason I could fathom is if there are some kind of mutual monetary benefits between the Town Council and the contracted company which did the works. Obviously, 4 diggings and re-layering of the floors would cost more and give more profits to the contracted company.

Mr. Ho Thian Poh is the Managing Director of UGL Premas, so obviously the increased costs resulting from the works would be beneficial to his company. And since he also happens to be the General Manager of the Jurong Town Council, it must also mean that he had approved of such an illogical and costly renovation plan.

The whole scheme just stinks of bureaucratic corruption.

Therefore I wish to share this information with you and hopefully, to some of your readers, fellow citizens, who are concerned with our civil service. If possible, I would like some kind of investigation to be done regarding this matter, something I’m sure the MP of Yuhua will not be keen on."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where were these Malay PAP MPs when MM Lee said Hurtful words against the Malay Community?

(Source: Todayonline, 15 May 2011)

Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Zainul Abidin Rasheed had said in an interview to reporters saying that: "You need only ask the Malays and Muslims in Singapore - many were hurt by those remarks and remain so"

What I felt that it was a bit too late and the timing of the interview coincided after MM Lee & SM Goh's announcement not to be in the New Cabinet in 2011.

Did MM Lee's position being "down graded" gave Zainul Abidin Rasheed the "guts" to say what should be said when MM Lee's launched his book "Hard Truth" containing words that hurt many Malays and Muslims?

Before the GE 2011 nomination day were announced, where were these Malay PAP MPs when MM Lee launched his book "Hard Truth" using "hurting words" towards the Malay Community? So far I only remember Mdm Halimah Yacob saying "I am pleasantly surprised by MM Lee's "apology"".

Abdullah Bin Tarmugi

Ahmad Mohd Magad

Fatimah Lateef

Halimah Yacob

Hawazi Daipi

Masagos Zulkifli

Mohd Maliki Bin Osman

Mohd Faishal Ibrahim

S Iswaran

Yaacob Ibrahim

Zainudin Nordin

Zainul Abidin Rasheed

Zaqy Mohamad

All Pictures from

Aljunied Town Council's First Skeleton

(Source of Skeleton:

In a article in The OnlineCitizen, the was report that Jeffrey Chua is the town council’s general manager is also the Managing Director of CPG Facilities Management that signed a 3 years contract last year (Apparent confident that PAP will walk over that GRC).

TOC had questioned whether there is conflict of interest of that sort of arrangement. To me, it is definitely a conflict of interest; a PAP Skeleton found in a PAP cupboard.

If there were greater PAP losses i.e. 2-3 GRCs lost, how many Skeletons will the opposition discover? I am not saying the sole purpose of opposition present at the parliament is to discover skeletons, but to have a force to keep the majority government on their toes and answerable to the electorates. Not rowdy parliament in Taiwan or S Korea.

(ROC Parliament Fight, Source:

(S Korea Parliament fight, Source:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marine Parade Tin Pei Ling (Should be PAP) Exploit Old Folks for Propaganda

(Source: Channel 8 News; screen grab from YouTube)

PAP Propaganda machinery is still hard at work for PAP's Marine Parade GRC with news showing Tin Pei Ling having the Meet the People's session with a elderly couple as showcase. Is it a show that she being the youngest MP at 27 years old can "connect" with the elderly?

I am not sure how Workers' Party in Aljunied GRC will conduct the Meet the People's session but I am sure that the air-con facility may be of a luxury for the residents who voted for them. However, they had chosen this path to have their voices and frustrations to be heard. I am sure the Workers' Party can solve the venue issue for its residents.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The GRC System had not Failed for PAP

Alot people had said that the GRC system had failed and PM Lee "lamented" that he had a heavy lost to his cabinet and the all time low of overall PAP votes of 60.06%.

I do not think so at all and in fact, it had help PAP to reduce the losses despite hugh dissents in the ground over immigration and holier than thou attitude of the PAP. GRC system managed to keep PAP losses to 6.

If Singapore is to hold an election using the traditional single ward where a single candidate fight in a SMC, the GE result on 7 May will be even deadly for PM Lee's Cabinet. Since the last days Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister, the popularity of PAP had been dropping. Thus the implementation of the GRC System in 1988.

Taking in the losses of Aljunied and retention of Hougang, the Opposition had managed to take 6 Seats despite the cries for changes by Singaporeans over PAP's immigration, transportation and raising cost of living.

If we are still using the traditional model of election, then the losses may be even worst......

For example if the following PAP Candidates had lost in Single Seat SMCs,

Useless PAP MPs such as:
1. Mah Bow Tan - Screw up Housing.
2. Wong Kan Seng - The one that let him got away.
3. Yaacob Bin Ibrahim - Orchard Flooded due to freak rain. Marine Barrage was close!
4. Lee Bee Wah - Ping Pong credit stealer and the only woman with the "Engineer" Title!
5. Teo Ser Luck - Sporty freak trying to look important in Parliament.

New PAP Tail coaters such as:
6. Tin Pei Ling - Foot stomper and speaks without substance.
7. Vikram Nair - Trying to disguise himself as non-partisan blogger, but he was already a YPAP.
8. Foo Mee Har - Ex M'sian, Jr Singaporean with alleged affairs in Citi & a bankrupt Husband.
9. Janil Puthucheary - Ex M'sian, Jr Singaporean with a proud grin.

Aljunied 5 + 9 = 14 losses!

Of course, we know that there are ex generals, unionists and ex civil servants being new PAP candidates were among the new candidates in GE 2011. The loses in Single Seat SMCs may be even worst.

Not to mention the even more loses of single seats to out spoken and popular opposition candidates such as:

Alec Tok
Benjamin Pwee
Gerald Giam Yean Song
Glenda Han Su Ma
Goh Meng Seng
James Gomez
Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam
Nicole Seah
Tan Jee Say
Vincent Wijeysingha

The PAP needs the GRC system and perhaps the GE 2016 there may be super size GRCs with 4-5 Ministers with 10 members per GRC.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

PAP Formed Government - Now More Oppositions MPs to fix

PAP had again formed a majority government through the GRC system. Tail-coaters liked Tin Pei Ling, Dr Janil Puthucheary, Vikram Nair and Foo Mee Har had been placed by their PAP GRC leaders and they will still continue to listen to the leaders who brought them into parliament. Listen and speaking for the constituents will be secondary.

The most disheartening was the extremely close margin of 100+ votes in the Potong Pasir SMC where PAP's Sitoh had won by a hamster's whisker.

I will look forward to more debates with 6 more opposition MPs from the Workers' Party and of course more people coming into Singapore with the 6.5 million population target set by the PAP.

Singaporeans had decided.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

PAP Tin Pei Ling Says "Its a was a honest mistake"

Cooling off day suppose to be not hawking for votes or persuade voters to vote for the candidates. Yet, Tin Pei Ling said that her Facebook Administrator had posted using her Facebook account instead of the administrator's personal Facebook account.

Come on! Such simple IT skill that even primary school kids can do yet a IT savvy administrator cannot log off before posting to own personal Facebook account? Which kids are they trying to fool?

Tin Pei Ling clarifies Facebook posting on Cooling-off Day

Friday, May 6, 2011

Your Vote is Secret!

This video will disperse any worries that our votes may not be secret. Especially for civil servants who worry if their promotions or bonuses will be affected if they voted for oppositions!

Time to Reflect and to Cool off on the Future of Singapore's Political Future

I voted for PAP when I turned 21 sometime ago, but I regretted after 2 walk-overs by the PAP at my constituency. My estate was turned into living quarters for foreigners. Last time when I was younger, there were many Malaysians staying around my estate. Soon these Malaysians left after they had turned "too expensive" to hire. Then the flood of China, Indian, Myanmar workers came....

When I was in Primary school in the 80s, I used to see local Indian men wearing their sarongs when they went out to drink or buy grocery. Forward 20 years later, I am sure that Singapore had also progressed much, out of sudden men wearing sarongs appeared again! These men are from Myanmar, India etc. and I was questioning why we had turned back the clock?

I was worried about my female family members who occasionally worked late and have to watch their backs when ever they return home. Why?

Today is the first ever cooling off day after intense weeks of campaigning and to have such weeks again, I have to wait for another 5 years!

In my mind, I have many issues that gave me my decision not to vote for the Red Lightning and Blue circle.

MM Lee - Politics are dirty, but he was the most cunning politicians in the 1950s where he realised that he cannot win the popular votes among the common Chinese speaking majority. He had to relied on the British to give him the support to rule and contained his political opponents using ISA, betrayed his co-founder Lim Chin Siong.

Many people gave him the title "Father of Singapore" that I do not agree. Singapore was founded by the British and was made a Crown colony and the basic governance was established in 1819 by Raffles. Through the century, the British colonists had established Singapore from a Malay fishing village into a port.

PAP is trying to put a feather on their caps, trying to make people believed that they had transformed a fishing village into a modern country within 50 years. 50 years ago, Singapore was already a vibrant city liked Hong Kong. Of course, we owed what we have to PAP, but they cannot always uses past achievement to whack its people.

In 2011, the strong man in his ripe old age of 87 years old still do not want to step aside gracefully and make way for the truly young generation to take over.

Statesmen liked Deng Xiaoping, Jhang Zemin and even Malaysia's Mahatir had step aside why can't he? Is he trying to proof some thing? I will have more respect for him if he had decided not to contest in this General Election!

In the GRC system, if a member of a GRC passes on, there will not be a by-election as proven in Jurong and Ang Mo Kio GRCs where Ong Jit Chung and Dr Balaji died while in office. Like wise if MM Lee passes on while, unless the result on 7 May 2011 in indeed freak, then the chance of a by-election is bleak.

Singapore lacks transparency due to the lack of oppositions in parliament. I wondered how much MM Lee and his daughter-in-law Ho Ching earns from Temasek as Chairman and CEO? What were their bonuses during the most recent economic crisis?

I remembered Richard Hu had to speak in parliament to explain the loss of harddisk Micropolis. I do not remember parliament ever be addressed for the Billion dollars losses by Temasek or GIC over the losses from 2008-2010? Who was responsible for billions lost over failed investment in Thailand Shin Corp, Telecom investment in Indonesia, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Bank of America.

PM Lee - Being the son of MM Lee makes people say that he came about being a PM was because he was the son of MM Lee which of course he denied and the Lees had sued many papers for labeling them nepotism. Without strong opposition, his wife Ho Ching, CEO of Temasek Holding, formerly as ST Group CEO had made a mess of the reserve of Singapore and lost Billions from the recent financial crisis.

LHL's most astonishing action was to apologize for the "screw ups" the ministers had done. Why now then say sorry? Could it be his father's statement telling Aljunied GRC residents to REPENT for the next 5 years the trigger for LHL to say sorry? Damage control to the words said by his father? I can't imagine having a herring hung on my neck everyday and I have to think about this herring everyday.

I had already repented long time ago after voting for PAP!

PAP Town Council Invested in Lehmen
PAP Town Councils from Holland-Bukit Panjang and Pasir Ris-Punggol Town GRCs had invested the PEOPLE'S monthly conservancy fees into non-secured financial products such as Lehmen brother & High Notes resulting lost of all money. I am not sure if the government had forced the banks to cough out the money invested by these Town Councils but did not do anything to ordinary investors. PM Lee just said "Do the Right thing".

Do not forget who was the Finance Minister during that time! It was PM Lee himself, wearing 2 hats at one time, being the Prime Minister and Finance Minister concurrently.

Immigration - Jobs were given to foreigners simply because we are more expensive and cannot do much OT because we wanted to have quality time with our family because Singapore IS OUR HOME. Foreigners working in Singapore had one purpose, earn money and F off. They do not have to sink their roots into Singapore. PAP's lax policy had cause my country to become a hotel for China, India, Myanmar workers. The damages are already done and not point saying we are going to fine tune the immigration intake.

Lack of Transparency - Due to monopoly of a Single Political Party, there is always lack of transparencies. Why? Because we Singaporeans are a selfish lot when come to choosing a political party to represent them. PAP will always take its people for granted because of lack of strong oppositions in parliament. LHL when PAP came back as a government, the first parliament seating was convened only after 6 months.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Today in UK, the July 2005 London Terrorist bombing inquiry is also due. The inquiry looked into how emergency services, intelligence agencies and how the people responded to the bombing. The purpose of an open inquiry is to be transparent and to prevent further attacks and to improve the working within all the government agencies involved such as sharing of intelligence among government law enforcement agencies.

What the British had founded was their intelligence agency MI-5 had knew about the identity of the terrorists about 2 years ago but failed to share the Intel with the police. I believed through such report and inquest, more will be done to improve and be more transparent in government's actions.

In Singapore, there was not public inquiry over the Mas Selamat escape and we got to know that he was staying at his relatives' house through the massive man hunts that were done in vain. All along, he was staying in a flat at a relative's house. Moreover, our cover-up mentality had helped Mas Selamat a few hours head start to escape. Thousands of hours from the Army, home team were lost and and millions of dollars wasted over such operation. What do we get? We got to know only after a few years that Singapore's most dangerous terrorist had hid himself in a flat and how he escape we were still in the dark.

As mentioned earlier, the money earned by the Lee Family in commercial entities were never made known. These skeletons were best kept in the PAP's cupboards by having PAP being the majority in Parliament. After all, all men need faces.

Despite the fear mongering such as dark clouds coming and end of the world if PAP is kicked out or losing a minister is liked losing a arm or leg, I will vote for opposition because after we became independent in 1965, we had became a First World Country but still in Third World politics.

NSP Jurong GRC Rally at Chinese Garden Open Field (5 May 2011)

Thursday night was the last night in Singapore where all the political parties had given their last burst of fire before polling day on 7 May 2011. I attended the NSP rally for Jurong GRC and some of the NSP candidates from other GRC showing esprit de corp had dropped by Jurong Rally to give the team there last burst of fire.

That was when Nicole Seah wept when she recalled a meeting with a poor family in MacPherson where the family cannot afford to pay $80 for the deposit for their rental flat..... According to Nicole, the PAP endorsed grassroot leaders had scolded the family for asking for help over such small amount of money.

Those PAP endorsed RC grass root leaders had lost touched after many years of carrying the balls of PAP MPs and they had forgotten their mission. Anyway, the purpose of the People's Association (PA) was to counter the influence of the communism in the 50s. PAP had used it as a tool to extern it influence and snuff out any political oppositions.

These are the photos of the last Political rallies I had attend in 2011. Never mind about the cooling off period for us to think rationally. I had been thinking so clearly since 2009 and I already decided who to vote for this coming polling day on 7 May 2011.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NSP Goh Meng Seng's Quote

(Source: CNA)

"My good country is turning into a soulless, heartless, greedy company and I do not want my country to be a slave factory,"

NSP Goh Meng Seng Tampines GRC

Reform Party Rally - West Coast GRC

The Reform Party rally at Clementi Stadium for the West Coast GRC was the smallest in term of attendance among the opposition rallies I had attended. However, being a new political party and its crowds are still more than most PAP's rallies.

I noticed that someone was taking photo with a telephoto lens at the crowd from the white Police watch tower and I am not sure if the photographer was from the Police or a reporter. If it was a Police photographer, then I was wondering if they are facing off with a group of protesters or a simple group of Singaporeans concerned about their political future?