Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Blog that Speaks for me (from the Bottom of a True Singaporean's Heart)

The Blog post by Ng E-Jay from www.sgpolitics.net had spoken for me for me from the deepest part of my heart about PAP's policies:

(Extracted from "PM Lee, I will definitely vote calmly")

I know that PAP has embarked on policies that are unsustainable in the long run. Our immigration and labour policies have put strain on our social fabric, depressed our incomes, and lowered our level of productivity. Our economic growth has come primarily from population expansion rather than growth in productivity and innovation. This clearly is unsustainable. Unless we reign in the excesses of our immigration and labour policies, Singapore will be heading toward the edge of a sharp cliff.

The PAP has also milked the economy for what it is worth, by allowing unproductive GLCs to become overly entrenched such that through monopolistic practices, they crowd out smaller players and eliminate much needed competition.

In its zeal at shoring up our population size and attracting foreign capital, the PAP has also allowed a bubble to form in the property market, which has hurt first time home owners who now face 30 year mortgages and great financial burden.

Our identity as a nation has been diluted, mangled, and Singapore has been turned into a hotel, a mere stepping stone for others to come and go as they please, a half-way house for foreigners to experience the best that we have to offer before taking their talents, expertise and capital away to greener pastures.

PAP's Tin Pei Ling Declared War on Anti-Establishment Netizens!

Yesterday was the 3rd batch of PAP Candidates being introduced by Minister Without Portfolio Lim boon Heng and one of them revealed was the youngest candidate ever field by the PAP. She's 27 Years old Ms Tin Pei Ling and during 28 March Channel 5 News, she mentioned that she will use "New Media" such as Social Networking Sites "to give voice to people (just to share good ideas?)"

(All screen grabs from MediaCorp Channel 5)

Apparently, blogging, Facebook etc are not new, but pretty new to PAP and was wondering why she mentioned these are New Media?

Later on, she "declared war" (IMO) on Singaporean Net activities that are dominated by "Anti Establishment" elements.

IMO, she's another PAP Parrot, parroting her PAP Masters' Policies and Anti-Singaporeans Policies such as Immigration, Refusal of setting minimum wages for low income workers.

Why use Social Media Sites when she is suppose to reflect her (if she is even elected or best walked over) constituents' concerns and bring them up to the parliament?

Is she attempting another battery jump start of defunct "PAP" P65 Blog when Vikram Nair had failed? Perhaps she can start P70 or P80 Online Forums to engage those Anti Establishment sites or people.

I was wondering who was the P65 site owner and using whois; it belonged to Vikram Nair, a Young PAP Member who tried to masquerade himself as a P65 Blogger and in fact he was the owner.

Mask exposed and Site had to be trashed because its not that non Partisan! How stupid!

(Source: www.whois.net)

(Source: http://www.p65.sg/ Latest Post was in Jan 2011)

Their link even had a contributor from Miami using Internet Marketing to sell a Miami Law Firm's services.

Text Color
(Miami Car Accident Lawyer)

She or her PAP Masters had failed to realised that Anti-Establishment sites or Blogs such as mine are all free agents; others or myself does not report to the White Ivory Tower with a Red Lighting. For myself, I write about my thoughts resulted from PAP's Anti-Singaporeans Policies to increase GDP and increase their Annual Salaries.

After the Media Exposure, today online sites such as AsiaOne, Straits Times Online had published her background for everyone to see.

So if PAP wins another round election, I am sure that the people working in the Media Hub will received a fat bonus from their PAP Boss, ops, I meant SPH bosses. :)

I think Pei Ling will have extremely bright ideas to control these Anti-Establishment Internet Sites and Blogs. Maybe banning Anti-PAP sites? :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Distraction from Chan Shun Sing to New Army Chief

(Source: Sunday Times 27 Mar 2011)

Sunday Times on 27 Mar 2011 had an article titled "Best man to lead 'digital natives' of 3G army"

IMO, its a distraction from Mr Chan Chun Sing to the new Chief of Army, BG Ravinder Singh.

Columnist Jermyn Chow's several distractions are:

"Some observers wonder if picking within the uniformed ranks were so slim the SAF had no choice but to recall BG Singh to lead Singapore's more than 280,000 soldiers."

Jermyn had forgotten that Singapore Armed Forces cum the Home Team relies on NSmen due to their experiences and the limited number of males for NS. He seems to forget that countless of NS Battalion Commanders had lead and still leading the NSmen in their Battalions forming the Combined Arms Divisions. I mentioned earlier that its possible that BG Singh was bypassed because he was not a President's Scholar thus he was asked to retire 2 years to make way for Mr Chan Chun Sing to become Army Chief exactly 1 year ago.

The article also mentioned the BG Singh may have lost touch with the grit and pain of wearing a boots. This also put the annual ICTs of many NSmen into nothing because NSmen liked BG Singh had lost touch. It also mentioned that the younger contemporaries had hard time giving BG Singh the RESPECT. Come on! BG Singh is 46, pretty young compared to regional Armies and from the US or UK plus he was the Chief of Staff Joint Staff, how can the younger BGs don't give him respect?

This extraordinary recall of BG Singh is really extra ordinary if not for Mr Chan Chun Sing's premature departure from SAF with exactly 1 year ago as the Army Chief to join the PAP. What sort of precedence the ruling party and the Defence Minister had set for future generation to follow?

The article further went on justifying getting older Generals to lead Army by mentioning the recall of Retired General Peter Schoomaker to lead its Chief of Staff and 51 years old General David Petraeus to lead US operations in Iraq.

Why not the 2 blue eyes boys BG Chan Chun Sing, 41, BG Tan Chuan Jin 41, stay put and give their best to the SAF instead of leaving for greener pasture to join politics?

After all retirement for SAF officers is now 50 YEARS OLD.

The article does not justify itself by having examples of "older" generals to support the argument that BG Singh age is not an issue. The article also contradict itself by justifying Generals leaving in their early 40s to "spread its top talents around", then Mr Chan Chung Sing and Tan Chuan Jin should stay put to develop SAF into another level of combat competency.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Massive PAP Progaganda by State Controlled Straits Times, again....

Straits Times on 26 March, Saturday had several full pages reports of the past achievement of PAP MPs and how great they were in handling the SQ119 hijacking, the Laju Ferry incident with the Japanese Red Army etc.

Firstly, the Straits Time on 26 Mar (Sat) described how Prof Jayakumar with then Dr Yeo Nee Hong had successfully conducted a operation against 4 terrorists armed with butter knives and sparklers. Of course, the real heros are the SOF troopers who wipe the Pakistani terrorists off the face of earth within mins.

(Source: Straits Times)

Next, the Straits Time had a report of 4 PAP MP who trounced their opposition opponents in the last GE in2006, with Dr Teo Ho Pin being the top winner score from the PAP.

5 years after since 2006, Dr Teo Ho Pin's town council had lost millions dollars resulted from investment from the toxic Investment Fund from Lehman Brothers.

Mr Charles Chong, still dare to claim being the longest lasting PAP back bencher had labeled ordinary Singaporeans as "LESSER MORTALS" when outcry from the people about Perm Sec Tan Yong Soon's almost $50,000 cooking class during the World Economic crisis . Perhaps, those LESSER MORTALS from his constituency should give him the boot since he had spent so much time at parliament doing nothing. Time to give the real mortal from the opposition parties to have a say in Parliament.

Matthias Yao since defeating Dr Chee with the assistance from the underhand method from the State controlled media had not been saying anything worthy since then.

Sad to say, Ang Mo Seng a real grass root leader turned MP had to step aside to give way to untested new PAP candidates.

The only page the opposition party coverage is from Mrs Chaim See Tong, only a portion from the Straits Times.

(Source: Straits Times)

(Source: Straits Times)

The Straits Times even bring up the Laju Ferry terror incident happened in the 70s. I think they are worried that the young people had not been aware of the past contribution from the PAP. Past achievements does not meant that the ruling party can shove what so ever policies up our throats.

The people's voices need to be heard in a balanced parliament.

Chan Chun Sing - Former Chief of Army (2 Star General)

Today newspaper had a tiny portion reporting MG Chan Chun Sing, 41 handed over command to BG Ravinder Singh, 46 on 25 Mar 2011. BG Ravinder was formerly a NS man being activated to take over the Army command and he is the first NSman being re-activated to enter regular service again.

(Source: xin.msn.com)

Does any one question a short tour of exactly 1 year for a Chief of Army (26 Mar 2010 to 25 Mar 2011) will be detrimental to the leadership of the Singapore Army? As mentioned previously, was BG Ranvinder bypassed by a President Scholar? What is the morale of the upper leadership of Singapore Army? Is the Army with its scared mission to protect Singapore becoming or had became a playground of President Scholars?

In his farewell speech, he said "one can never have enough time to complete the work of our army’.

Come on! He served only 1 year as COA and official retirement for officers had been raised to 50 years old, what type of excuses Ah Chan gave? Normally a army chief's career is about 2-3 years then if he is capable enough, to the CDF post. He had another 9 years to go right? 9 years to retirement not enough time? If he has no time, how about his time for his constituents (if he is ever elected?

(Taking of Army Command Symbol from MG Neo, 26 Mar 2010)

(Oath Taking by then BG Chan, 26 Mar 2010)
(Source: news.gov.sg)

Stepping Down of Senior PAP Ministers or MPs

Past few weeks, the State controlled media the Straits Times and MediaCorp had been on overdrive to provide propaganda coverage for the ruling PAP. For past few days, there had been news of PAP new generation aka Newbies Candidates. The "Phew Chow Nua" issue to me personally was the introduction of the so called "New Citizen" PAP Newbies candidates with stellar accomplishments and backgrounds.

The most recent was the announcement of retirement of PAP Senior Minister S. Jayakumar and Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi. There were talks of either of them maybe running for the elected President (IMO a waste of public money having a President doing a ceremonial role but annual salary excess of S$3m.)

I suspect Abdullah Tarmugi maybe running for it to appease the Singaporean Malays from MM Lee's Racist and Religious comment against the Malays in Singapore.

However, the most important question I have in mind is: is MM Lee and SM Goh stepping aside for the new generation? IMO, PM Lee's father MM Lee is more of a hindrance to him in effectively carry out his party's vision (also his father's party)

But I will not be surprised if these 2 nannies are still hanging around to mind the son's politics this coming election. The PM (if he is still PM after this coming GE) should politely request his father to enjoy his last remaining years peacefully and dissolve in Singapore's politics gracefully. After all glories and titles cannot be brought into the grave.

I still remember his speech on the great Orchard Road flood where he mentioned "No amount of engineering can prevent flood". Then why is PUB spending $26m to raise Orchard Road?

(Source: Today Paper 24 Mar)

MM Lee's famous Great Orchard Flood comment:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Another New Citizen Please!!!

(Source: Today Paper)

When I read Today Paper, I was really pissed to see another so called "New Citizen" Foo Mee Har being shown in the PAP lime light. Ms Foo Mee Har was another Malaysian who so called lived in Singapore most of her time or grow up in Singapore and decided to become a Singapore Citizen only recently.

Are there really no real people that PAP recruitment department can see? I believed that those PAP recruiters stayed too long in their ivory towers that they had forgotten how ordinary citizens looked liked.

I am wondering if the next few batches will have some grassroots leaders as new candidates. Hopefully no ex FT grass leaders being "head hunted" at PAP tea party. However, I don't think they will get grassroots leaders because a certain great leader looked down on them because he said that they are only capable of hanging banners for PAP MPs!

Today Paper is the only online paper mentioned that she is a ex Malaysian; the other Major Paper, the Straits Times and AsiaOne did not mentioned her background. I suspect the PAP controlled propaganda machinery gave orders to Straits Times and other news portals not to mentioned NEW CITIZEN again!

MediaCorp got the letter late from the PAP propagandists and did not follow orders. Die liao, editor kana whipping soon liao!

Source: AsiaOne

Source: Straits Times online

The following are some of the juicy gossips from internet while googling about her:

Sammy's Alfresco Heaven - Foo Mee Har - How did she ever pass the tea party?

A High Court Bankruptcy Order against a Chan Teck Hock Bernard (heartlander in Sammy's forum) - APPLICATIONS FOR BANKRUPTCY ORDERS - 29/12/2006

AsiaOne Writeup in 2008 - Moving is a family decision

I was surprised that AsiaOne Portal had taken down the write up about Dr Janil Puthucheary aka the Ex Malaysian. Too much back lashes from Singaporean Voters?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr Janil Puthucheary from PAP

Proud Grin from Dr Janil Puthucheary of PAP

I sure that there are many people writing about Dr Janil Puthucheary in internet forums or blogs after PAP introduced the 1st batch of new candidates. He had became a Singapore Citizen in 2008 then talent spotted by PAP to be their candidates. His father was an ex ISA detainee, but so what? If his father was an ISA detainees or not, I am sure that I will not vote for him.

If he can betrayed his father's cause, can he stand for and fight for what is right? After all he is just a 4 years old Singaporean.....

I saw his introduction video from Youtube. I am not sure that is he actually blabbing about. Can't he speaks in simple English? He sounded liked he was in the sharing about why he come to Singapore or becoming a citizen with his family.

Another higher than thou candidate from PAP-land, living on top of PAP white ivory tower......

What next PAP? Introducing another candidates from PRC? I will fall off my seat if a "Ah Tiong" introduced himself or herself in deep accent Mainland Mandarin or English!

Look at his proud & arrogant grins at 0:59 & 5:06

Monday, March 21, 2011

What Happened to our Millions doses of Flu Vaccines?

(Source: Straits Times 19 March 2011)

The Saturday Straits Times had an interesting article on page A39 written by Senior Writer Andy Ho, titled "Did Big Pharma trigger flu pandemic?"

This article had brought back my memory about an article reposted in one of the blog site called the The Health Forum written by Richard Seah. Richard had posted the link in theonlinecitizen.com.

ST Senior writer Andy Ho had been nice, writing short of using the word SCAM. However, how true is this? H1N1 scam a ‘successful’ failure

A search using Google also had a similar writeup from flu-treatment.com

I can still remember that just about couple of years ago, there, the Ministry of Health was encouraging Singaporeans to go for Flu jabs against H1N1. That time the famous prevention medicine was Tamiflu, then followed by flu vaccines jabs after several people were found to have developed allergy reaction to Tamiflu.

However, just a while ago, the Flu pandemic suddenly became non-life threatening.

I was wondering why, and this Straits Times article on 19 March and the article about Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz suddenly came together to give me a light in darkness.

Although I have anti-PAP thoughts, but I still have to be objective and try not to have bad thoughts about Health Minister Khaw. But as I read again the article about how the Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz had rejected the use of new unproven flu vaccines for the Poles against the so called "Pandamic".

I realised that our Million $ Health Minister had just "followed the crowd". It does not required a person to earn a million dollars or being a rocket scientist to "follow the crowd".

(Source: AsiaOne via ST 17 Feb 09)

I want to highlight a paragraph that the Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz had spoken to the Polish Parliament about her duty as a Health Minister:

"So what is the Health Minister’s duty? To sign agreements that are in the best interests of the Polish people, or to sign agreements that are in the best interests of the pharmaceutical companies?

I know that there are 3 vaccines available on the market today, of 3 different producers. Each has a different amount of active substance and yet strangely they are all treated the same. Therefore isn’t it fair enough for the Health Minister and health experts to have doubts about it? Maybe the one with trace amounts of active substances is just a “holy water” that we are supposed to think can cure flu? Are we supposed to pay for that?

So the million dollars question that I had in mind was, how many millions dollars had our million dollars Health Minister had authorised to be paid to the pharmaceutical companies for the now worthless Flu jabs? Not to forget the limited shelf life for vaccines.

(Source: AsiaOne via Reuter 17 Sep 09)

I as an ordinary Singaporean cannot ask the Health Minister to be accountable for it. If I met him during his walk about, I may ask him this question. The responsibilities should lies with the MPs that are supposed to represent the Singaporeans in Parliament.

However, the majority of the parliament seats are held by MUTE PAP MPs and they are scared of the Party Whip lest they said the wrong things. I without a choice as an ordinary Singaporean, I have to vote for Opposition candidates in the coming election to have a say against PAP's policies.

Another million dollars question I had in mind, how much is the Polish Health Minister earning for her to make such remarkable decision?

PAP record speaks for itself: PAP Lam Pin Min said

Source: Today Paper, 21 Mar 2011

MP Lam Pin Min from Seng Kang West speaks about confident for PAP's candidate's chance to win the ward because "our track record speaks for itself"

Did he ever spoke up against the Influx of foreigners for the past 5 years? Did he speak up when Temasek and GIC lost billions past 2 years? Did he speak up when when CPF minimum sum was further increased? Did he speak up when Mas Selamat floated away? Did he speak up when many investors especially the retirees lost millions over the Toxic Investment products from DBS and other banks? Did he speak up when recently cabinet increased the President's salary? Did he speak up for the people at all?

So what worthy PAP Track Records is Lam Pin Min talking about? Another 5 years of silent MP if there are not sufficient opposition MPs in Parliament?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lao Goh Comparing Singapore Orchard Rd Flood with Japanese Tsunami

There are always opportunists in disasters especially some politicians. Goh Chok Tong is one such person; comparing Singaporeans' reaction to once every 50 years Orchard Road Flood to the Japanese reaction to the Tsunami.

Monday, March 14, 2011

President's Scholars becoming MPs or Ministers

About 1 week ago, there was news that the current Chief of Army Major-General Chan Chun Sing had "Retired" from Army and Retired Army General Brigadier-General (NS) Ravinder Singh had to be activated to become the new Army Chief...... What a typical army working style, letting other people clearing his shits. Is joining army for scholars a fast track to a life long job security and a guaranteed path to politics?

(Source: Mindef. Major-General Chan Chun Sing now "Retired")

I am questioning the MG Chan's motive to join the PAP as a candidate, does he have no sense of duty as Army Chief or he knows from the beginning from the moment he got the President's Scholarship that years later from then, he had arrived; leaving the Army, joining the PAP, becoming a MP, then a Minister drawing a million dollars salary? Or becoming PAP's so called 4th Gen Leaders?

I will have more respect for MG (NS) Chan if he were to tell his political master the PAP that he should, as a PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER is to responsibility discharged his duty as Army Chief and fully complete his tour of duty and then join politics in the next election. After all he is only 41 years old, he's not 51 or 61 this year.

(Source: Mindef. Brigadier-General Ravinder Singh, was he sidelined for Army Chief because he is capable but a non President's scholar?)

Singaporeans have to decide for themselves if they want this sort of politics using their votes. If he comes to my GRC and there is a contest, I will not vote for his team at all nor other PAP teams.

I had enough of the propaganda by the ruling party about how great are they. I just remembered the number of uncontrolled foreigners were let into Singapore to fight with Singaporeans for jobs that Singaporeans WANTED TO DO. Sky rocketed prices for new flats and private properties. Tons of China men and women clogging up our system and not to forget the Billions lost by Temasek and GIC.

Looking at the wiki listing on the whos who of Singapore President's scholars, there seem to be one more of such President's scholars emerging for Politics:

* Low Pat Chin
* Patrick Tan Boon Ooi - A*STAR Principle Investigator, Research Group Leader
* Marion-Magaret Aw - Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute (UCMI), National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

* Chan Chun Sing - "Retired" Chief of Singapore Army
* Denise Goh Li-Meng - Associate Professor of Paediatric Genetics and Metabolic Medicine, and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute (UCMI), National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

* Hoo Sheau Peng
* Lee Seow Hiang - CEO, Changi Airport Group (Possible another Lee coming to politics?)
* Lynette Shek Pei-Chi - Associate Professor of Paediatric Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute, National University Health System, Singapore
* Ng Chee Peng (Current Chief Navy)

IMO, Lee Seow Hiang was one such candidates that PAP been looking for. Not sure if he was related to the MM Lee or PM Lee but either he is related or not, will such Scholar background MPs or ministers able to implement policies for the people or voice out THEIR CONSTITUENTS' concerns to the government such as the overwhelming foreigners (North Indians and Chinese from China) coming to work and live in Singapore, sky-high HDB Flats prices and the cheapness of a Singapore Pink IC?

(Source: Changi Airport Group)

One thing about President's Scholars is that in a typical President's Scholar vs non President's Scholars, President's Scholars always win no matter what.

For example, in Army War games, President's Scholar Generals always wins no matter how experienced his opponents are. Reason? Simply because he is a President Scholars. I am sure that when Lee Seow Hiang was a CO in one of the Air Force units and during the Best Fighting unit competitions, he sure had won hands down! No doubt about that!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

GE Poem by Ong Ah Bee

Stumbled upon Ong Ah Bee's Poem at TOC website, someone named "orang Singapura" posted the Poem at the comment. I find it very funny but it very real reflecting the result of voting for PAP. If we keep voting for them, there are not voices to shoot down their arrogant policies! This is the poem:

Recently, my white MP,
Kok on my door, and very kek ki..
Say ‘I’ve worked so hard, so vote for me’,
‘Or rubbish won't be cleared, in your vicinty'..

I said ‘Dear MP of my GRC’,
‘Dun remember u, so please pardon me’..
‘I only saw you on TV’,
‘Dozing off and jiak liao bee’..

Last GE I voted for thee,
2% up in GST..
Cut CPF and up utility,
Are still very clear in my memory..

5 years later, then you come to me,
Fresh from your slumber of ivory..
Say that only, you can help me,
Escape from a life of poverty..

Just take a drive on CTE,
Count the number, of all the gantries..
Or squeeze a ride on the MRT,
That has not been cleared for ye..

My life since the last GE,
Has been downhill though I voted PAP..
If I vote the same for your sleeping spree,
I can expect the same misery..

So this time round, I vote for somebody,
Who will kachiao you, to productivity..
Forms fill wrong, no big deal to me,
If there’s someone to speak up for ah bee..

So dear MP of GRC,
If life no improve, vote u cho simi?

Source: http://ongahbee.blogspot.com/

Friday, March 11, 2011

Near Empty Parliament & a ZZZ MP

In today Parliament excerpt from Mediacorp, I was playing back the recording on my LCD TV and I noticed an interesting scene. I do not know who is the MP in Blue, but certainly not a Opposition MP. The MP in blue is sleeping on a comfy red color leather MP seat.

So much for these self serving MPs!

"Wah, very tired man..... so boring, this Zaqy guy talk so much..."

"Need to find a comfy position"

"Eh? Who is coming now? "

"Nah! Friend from PAP la!"

Auntie just came back from marketing :)





Today PM Lee not in the house, may be he was in toilet, but where are the rest of the 80+ PAP MPs?

Singapore President Worth 10 American Presidents!

(Source of Pict: www.mfa.gov.sg)

Today newspaper published a very exciting news about Singapore President! The Singapore Parliament approved pay rise for Singapore Elected President from S$3.77m to the latest figure of S$4,267,500! An increase of S$890,700!

Singapore President is worth more than 10 US Presidents! 10 x more efficient than US President Obama!

An Incredible 20% Pay Rise! Who on earth or in Singapore can get such rise? No for ordinary people....

Its a well deserving pay rise for being the Key keeper for Singapore's vast reserve and when PM Lee asked for S$5B, not a question asked, said "ok". Now the surplus is being channeled to pre-election goodies for Singaporean voters announced by the Financial Minister in Budget 2011. Now the Finance Minister have to reward the President for the job well done!

Our President is really worth S$4.2m? Majulah Singapura!

Parliament approves increase in President’s salary, expenditure

SINGAPORE — Parliament has approved an increase in the President’s salary, which is also known as the Privy Purse, for the fiscal year 2010.
The salary is now S$4,267,500, an increase of S$890,700 from an earlier estimate made in Budget 2010. The revision is part of an overall increase in the manpower expenditure for the Office of the Istana, which is staffed by 62 personnel.

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who proposed yesterday that the House support the change (this is what happen when Singaporeans voted for PAP, no one left to oppose this, except 2 Opposition MPs....), said this caters for the “recruitment of an additional staff officer to support the work of the Council of Presidential Advisers (Why need advisers when S$5B is given out so fast?) and a butler manager (Talking about Productivity, Istana should implement more productive measures, how many butler manager Istana need?) to meet increased demand for butler services at the Istana, and to meet the higher variable payments on account of a strong economic growth”.

Expenditure for the Istana’s household and special services was decreased, though, “to reflect savings” on these and other ad hoc spending, said Mr Tharman. Total expenditure estimates this year will be the same as the revised 2010 figure of S$11,605,000, even though money is being catered for the Presidential swearing-in ceremony as well as the enhancement of IT systems, renovation works for meeting cum training areas and the replacement of an office car.

Lower variable payments are anticipated this year, explained Mr Tharman. (Source: Today Paper)

Massive Propagada for PAP MPs (GST Helps the Poor)

PAP Government controlled papers all reported about supposing a fierce debate over the 2011 budget for past 1 week.

Supposing concerning PAP MPs all were bombarding how old and useless Workers' Party Leader Mr Low critic on the budget were. Some of the MPs were saying:

Christopher De Souza (Ex Air Force cadet pilot who thrown in his towel and went to further his study to be a lawyer in UK. Not sure if he paid liquidation damage to SAF. I heard from someone from Air Force that once you became a cadet pilot in Air Force and failed the course, you are required to change vocation and sign on. The 2 years plus spent as a cadet pilot is not counted as NS liability).

He said GST Implemented to benefit the poor. Mr Christopher, please enlighten how it helped the poor because the poor also pays 7% GST.

Ass Pros Khoo Tsai Kee - GST is to help the poor. Again, Ass Pros Khoo, how GST helped the poor, you meant they pay only 5% for being poor?

Ong Ah Heng - After he sacked the lazy and old Singaporean town council worker. Still dare to say there are dirty jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do. Every where and in other countries we need people to dig holes, clear rubbish, we need these low level Foreign Workers. I am sure that these workers will not be fight for these types of jobs in Singapore because these jobs got no takers from local population since colonial times. What I can see is the jobs from the coffee shop taken from the aunties, to production operators jobs in factories and white collar jobs taken by foreign imports. Why are we absorbing extra people from countries such as India and China?

News paper report few days ago also having full of praise for Ong Teng Koon, Ong Ah Heng's son being the possible PA candidate for Sembawang GRC. Now Lee dynasty changing to becoming Ong Dynasty? (Scratching head)

I was at a Kopi Tiam just now eating a chicken chop and saw MP Seng Han Thong (aka kana burnt MP) questioning some issue and another Chinese speaking MP (dunno who) answering his question.

Wow! So wayang!

But so what, I am seeing an almost empty Parliament during the wayang. So pathetic! No MPs wanted to spare their Part Time attending a Parliament sitting! Who are they serving, themselves busy with their own interests?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NSP Goh Meng Seng's Question to Michael Palmer - His Answer: GRC is No Good!

I was reading TOC's site and saw a short extract on NSP Goh Meng Seng's question posted to Michael Palmer if he can win an election on this own merit as a minority race candidate.

Note Michael Palmer's eye movement and pursed lips at 0:34. Ops!

Wrong answer given that his PAP masters that does not want to hear!

Kana the Party Whip liao !

Source of the Whip: www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk

That is the difference between PAP and Non PAP politicians!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wong Kan Seng the Population Czar & Goh Chok Tong the Crabman

This past few days we have many news about the good works of PAP. Below are the 2 bigwigs ots from PAP commenting about copulation and chilli crabs:

DPM Wong Kan Seng, the former Home Affairs Minister who cannot take responsibilities of letting Singapore's top terrorist Mas Selamat lurking at his relative house while wearing a tudung and finally escaped to Malaysia, now the Coordinating Minister for National Security, and the latest now is WKS is wearing a extra hat being the Singapore Czar of Population.

Of course the Nordic model of rewards for copulations are not the way to go because the Nordic people liked to make babies out of wedlock. Its a no no in a traditional Asian Society liked Singapore. The bottom line is, PAP government is unwilling to revamp the whole Singapore work place culture to boost declining birth rate. Its easy to make babies for most couples, but to look after the babies' welfare and finding care givers to the babies is simply a economical burden to many couples.

The mindset of Employers must also change too. No point in the government boards where civil servants mothers can enjoy having flexi work hours and given generous pre-natal benefits while in private companies there are double standards. In private companies, new mothers are having fears of losing their jobs after 4 months confinement leaves.

SM Goh CT's comment about popular chilli crabs store being moved and yet people will still find it. I am those who cannot take chilli and is also allergic to crabs, I do not even bother to find out where are the best chilli crab stores are. Simply speaking, eating chilli crabs will kill me! For me, I will eat alternate food such as Chicken with tomato and will not eat chilli crabs. One of my favorite dish is of course Mee Siam, but without the cockles (aka hum)!

Source of Cockles: http://www.dumbaaldum.org

Source of Cockle collectors: Bangkok Post

Below is a YouTube video of the collection process of Cockles in the Ecuador, so interesting!