Monday, January 3, 2011

Why Voting out a new PAP team will not affect our Future?

The first edition of Today Paper in 2001 had a massive PAP Propaganda written by Pro-PAP correspondents. On Front Page, a Picture of a PAP rally apparently telling people that there are many citizen supporters there to listen to PAP's craps.

On Page 3, Malaysian Born Health Minister Khaw speaking out against "unethical" Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners at a Sembawang event.

Page 4, PM Lee was talking about improving the education education at his community event surrounded by happy children.

Page 8, there is a Massive PAP Logo with PM Lee grinning liked a Hyena.

To me all these are the Pro-PAP or government Propaganda by the MSM. I really dislike one of the paragraph written by Derrick A Paulo saying on page 10:

"As a message to voters at the hustings, it will be one that is hard to dismiss: If you do not vote for this team, you could be losing a potential PM."

Please stop the Smoke Screen or Pulling the Wool over our eyes! Singapore is using a half breed Westminster Parliament model where the winning party will elect their leader to be the Prime Minister. One example under the Westminster Parliament model is the UK Prime Minister David Cameron. He was being elected by Conservative Party to be the New Prime Minister of UK.

I will not vote for PAP because of the anti-Singaporean Immigration Policy where employers can hire cheaper Foreigners over Singaporeans. On the issue of cars, PM Lee's Car policy after the last election was to let more Singaporeans to own cars seem to have out of control and now implemented such drastic U-Turn on the COE quota resulting an astronomical high COE quotas.

"The rise in COE prices has been making waves but an increasing realisation that there are simply too many cars on the road may make it a non-issue at the election."

The above is the caption for the above picture, I was wondering why too many cars are a non issue in election? Sudden rise of COE not an issue? Massive Tree Pruning not an issue? Then why prune trees?

Why should I vote for such person from PAP? Anyway I believed that the 4th Generation PAP endorsed PM will be from the Lee's Family; either a Cousin or Nephew. Why let someone who cannot empathise with the normal citizens to the leader?

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