Monday, December 5, 2011

Crappy Reporting by SingNet insing

I was reading insing website and saw this interesting news about a Qantas Pilot caught making out with a woman in the first class cabin. The crappy insing used the old photo of Qantas A380 engine failure photo to report the juicy news with the striking red background "PILOT UNDER INVESTIGATION"

At closer look, the fire men were spraying the left wing with water or foam and a fire man was seen boarding the A380 with a stair at the aircraft right side. Looking at another picture from Reuter, insing seem to have copied Reuter's pictures to report this news.

Insing also did not put the source of the picture used for "PILOT UNDER INVESTIGATION". Is Singtel the parent of insing under Temasek holding was trying to discredit Qantas?

(Source: insing)

(Source: Reuters)

The link to Lianhe Wanbao on 30 November 2011 also did not have this picture.


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