Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ok to Work Continuously Non-Stop for 12 Days???

I was reading the Employment Act in the MOM website and was shocked that a worker under the Employment Act (those earning < $2000) is legally able to work continuously for 12 days with 1 day off. Therefore, its perfectly alright to make people working as dishwasher, cleaner, or plate collectors to work 12 days with 1 day off....... All I can see that our post 65 employment act need a revision.

"The longest allowable interval between two rest days is 12 days. This can occur where in one week, the rest day is given on Monday, which is at the beginning of the working week. In the following week, the rest day is on Sunday, which is at the end of next working week. This will enable an employee to take two rest days at a stretch and allow an employer greater flexibility in the rostering of rest days." Part IV of the Employment Act & Section 33

Even better for employer, if a worker desire to work more than 72 hours per month, the company can apply a "special waiver" to work beyond 72 hours per month!


  1. They are all around you in the workplace --- office cleaners, security guards. Work 6 days a week, 1 day off usually weekday. My previous office cleaner was working 2 jobs -- cleaning my office block during daytime, cleaning another industrial estate building near her home at night. Security guards are working the maximum allowable working hours allowed in EA --- 12-hr shifts for 6 days a week. Btw, the daily 1-hr lunch break is *excluded* by MOM in the counting of maximum working hours.

  2. Such is the strength of our union in protecting the worker's right!

  3. The Registered Nurses of Singapore was abused that way too. The so-called "professional" workers was treated like dirt and underpaid.

    Now u go wonder why we are always short of Nurses.