Friday, October 7, 2011

Boon Lay Becoming another Sungei Road Flea Market or Thieves' Market?

After resounding PAP victory over the Reform Party, an area in that GRC imo is becoming a flea market or look liked Sungei Road "thieves' market". I am not belittling the people at Sungei Road flea market. But if someone looses a boot, most likely it had already ended up in Sungei Road. But due to the circle line development, about half of the current Sungei Road flea market had be taken by Circle line development.

The flea market at Boon Lay have the favour of Sungei Road. IMO, PAP always said that if opposition parties ever won a consituency or GRC, that opposition controlled area will become a slum! But I see it otherwise, PAP controlled Boon Lay may had already became a slum.....?

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  1. Boon Lay is likely a place for junk goods to flourish because of the huge foreign immigrants there! There are now more and more foreign run shops springing up. Take a walk and you will see mainland-chinese selling used hand-phones, d.i.y shop, watch shop, hair salon, money changer/remittances; Thai provision shop, computer game shop; Burmese provision shops etc.

    Look around the hawker center a good 80% or more service helpers are recognizable mainland Chinese!

    Look up at the flats, especially Boon Lay Place,
    you see tons of clothing drying in verandas, windows, passage ways, parapets etc.

    Try to catch a bus it's like you are in China or India!