Friday, September 23, 2011

ISA not used for Political Beliefs in Singapore? Sure?

(Source: MHA)

In a apparent political spin by the Malaysian Spin doctors for PM Najib to overhaul his politicla image, he decided to repeal the colonial era Internal Security Act, a British legacy left behind during the communists insurgency in then Malaya. IMO, this move by Malaysia to repeal the ISA seem to have caught our political leaders and forecasters or even political intelligence off guard.

In a amusing press statement issued by Ministry of Home Affair, the MHA said ISA is used sparingly and "No person has ever been detained only for their political beliefs". The attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the public especially the younger generation who PAP always said "taken peace and security for granted" but forgotten that 纸不了火.

Is MHA saying that these dark ages of Singapore Politics using ISA as a political tool against POLITICAL OPPONENTS was pre-independence and nothing to do with then self government Singapore and the government headed by LYK was not part of it?

(Source of Pict: Singapore Rebel, Left: Chia Thye Poh - World's longest serving political prisoner. Lim Chin Siong - Died a political broken man)

(Source of Pict: TOC, Was it a Red or White conspiracy?)

(Source of Pict: Singapore Rebel. Tan Wah Piow the "ring leader")

The following are the nice sounding names of operations mounted to arrest the so called conspirators against Singapore's
political and PAP's security:

Operation Coldstore
Operation Spectrum

How many of these people were arrested for being anti-establishment whom leader was PM LKY them? Were they arrested for terrorism? No.....

1. Chia Thye Poh (Barisan Member of Parliament) 26 years (including years banished to Sentosa)
2. Lim Chin Siong (Secretary of Barisan) 6 years
3. Dr Lim Hock Siew (Central Committee of Barisan) 20 years
4. Ho Piao (Paid Secretary of SNSU) 18 years
5. Lee Tee Tong (Barisan Member of Parliament) 18 years
6. Dr Poh Soo Kai (Vice Secretary of Barisan) 17 years
7. Said Zahari (Editor of Utusan Melayu, Chairman Partai Rakyat) 17 years
8. Wee Toon Lip (Barisan candidate) 10 years
9. Michael Fernandez (Paid Secretary, SCHFEU) 9 years
10. Loh Meow Gong (Barisan Member of Parliament) 7 years
11. S T Bani (Barisan Member of Parliament) 3 years

(Source: Teo Soh Lung's Facebook Notes)

People who flee Singapore to escaped ISA:

Francis Seow
Tan Wah Piow

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  1. "No person has ever been detained only for their political beliefs"

    Note the word "only".. the sentence is deliberately ambiguous