Friday, August 26, 2011

Symbols of Singapore Presidential Election Candidates

Today is the day before 27 Aug 2011 polling day for the next Singapore's Elected President and personally, looking at the Singapore Presidential Candidates' symbols, I interpreted the mentality of each Presidential Candidates accordingly to those pictures painted in my mind.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock - Palm Tree
According to Dr Tan CB "The leaves of the palm represents our multiracial society, the trunk represents them coming together, and the roots represents us taking root in Singapore" IMO Palm tree also provides shelter and its oil as a commodity for people to use. An attribute of a person that is suitable for people to look up to.

Mr Tan Jee Say - Heart
"It stands for conscience and empathy". IMO, this candidates speaks from his heart; caring for the people with conscience, not about money and cents, but empathy about what the people had been through.

Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam - Glasses
The symbol "resembles the trademark spectacles he wears". IMO, the only candidates who used a symbol symbolizing HIMSELF. Why I need a president who had a long term vision yet short sighted about what the common people had experienced?

The spectacle symbol is all about HIMSELF because IMO, the presidency was the pay back due to him when he was the DPM. He was suppose to be the ideal choice of Prime Minister but had to give way to GCT.

The major newspaper in Singapore such as Straits Times or Today did not mentioned about Patrick Tan's 12 Years Disruptions and Dr Tony Shamelessly labeled the special treatment to Patrick as 'false rumours'. I did not know about the so called special treatments given to his other 2 super white horse sons.

But having awarded another scholarship to Patrick Tan after getting a PRESIDENT'S SCHOLARSHIP was indeed unbecoming! Did his family ill afford money to send his sons to the best universities in the world?

I supposed that Mindef had classified Dr Tony Tan's sons' and even other ministers' sons' NS records as TOP TOP SECRET to protect Mindef's former chief and the faces of other ministers. Unless Dr Tony Tan or his sons publish their sons' NS records for all to see, then sue those buggers who defamed him and his family with all these false rumours.

"Last month, Dr Tony Tan described as 'false rumours' online talk that he helped his son Patrick avoid NS by arranging for him to do medical research work. (Its not the medical research work that Partick Tan had done that people were pissed, its the 12 years Disruption that he enjoyed to pursue his study made )

He said then that all three of his sons had served their NS fully and he never intervened in their postings, and that he was 'deeply disappointed' by these online allegations." Source: Straits Times Online

(Patrick Tan who managed a 12 Years Disruption without Dr Tony Tan's intervention)

Mr Tan Kin Lian - Hi-5
The raised hand signifies willingness to do public service, while the five fingers signify his values of honesty, fairness, positive attitude, courage and public service. Mr Tan is the only man volunteered to stand and spokefor people affected by the Toxic investment products approved by MAS in 2008. Although, I thought that he had political agenda, at least he stood up for the common people.

I did not follow the rallies for the Presidential Election because I do not think Singapore do not need a president where people only gave respect to during NDP or other important events. A ceremonial president will fit the role nicely. Its the people who will decide who will spend the nation's reserve during GE. If a freak government is formed and misused the state coffer, then Singaporeans will have to answer for their actions. Not a nanny to lord over us.

I will vote for other Tans but will definately not cast for the pair of spectacle.

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