Monday, August 15, 2011

Possibilty of a Fluke Presidential Election Result feared by LKY

(Source: TRE)

I was reading Temasek Review Emeritus and it has a article title "Who would you prefer to be the next President of Singapore?".

Based on the straw poll and 39.9% who did not voted for PAP, I suspect there may be fluke Presidential Election result our white haired oracle in his 80s had been prophesying.

Unless the partial Singapore Election Department has planned something to stop Mr Tan Jee Say from appearing on nomination day on 17 Aug 2011 (such as disqualifying him liked what they did to the SDA team at Tanjong Pagar GRC) or unforeseen mishaps such a flat tyre etc.

Then high chances that Mr Tan Jee Say may be elected. Imagine him getting the 40% while the 3 remaining Tans getting 20% of the votes each.

But the Election Department had already help Dr Tony Tan by putting the candidates' faces on the polling papers. Most of us recognized Tony Tan's face, less people will recognize Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Kin Lian or Tan Jee Say's faces.

I better have my own picture to remind myself who to vote for on 27 Aug 2011.


  1. Dr Tony Tan,the PAP sponsored and LKY favoured presidential candidate,I am sure u read the article on the harassment and unjustified imprisonment of Dr Ang Swee Chai and her husband Mr Francis Khoo.
    Her story and many others of improper imprisonment convinced me the character of the PAP godfather.
    In your campaign for the President to protect the Constitution and national reserves,speak up on this matter.U cannot disassociate yourselves with the
    Godfather's atrocities by remaining silent

  2. Of the foursome, your latest photo of Dr TT looks hunky and truly presidential. Have I missed the cool white hairs? :-)

  3. That is Patrick Tan S/O Dr Tony Tan LOL! The NSman who managed to defer NS for 12 years and became a 3SG as a "Scientist" to do soil research :)