Monday, August 1, 2011

46th Years of NS Sacrifices Scuttled by a 12 Years NS Disruption

(Melvyn Tan, Singapore born piano prodigy. Source:

Coming next week, Singapore celebrates 46th Years of Independence from Malaysia after Tunku Abdul Rahman "kicked" Singapore out of the Malay Federation. After 46 years Singapore had indeed had developed into a modern city (not country as mentioned by Mr LKY). These 46 years also included the countless of years given by Singaporean towards NS commitments in the SAF, Police and Civil defence.

After National Day, the next important event will be the Presidential Election where our President will be elected by the people. .

Dr Tony Tan's Presidential bid may be in danger because of the all time low support of PAP, Dr Tony Tan was the Defence minister when this son came back from disruption and was also the DPM with he was still politically active. The most controversial issue linked to Dr Tony Tan's son Patrick Tan's 12 years disruption from NS.

(Dr Patrick Tan, Dr Tony Tan's son who came back after 12 years of disruption as 3SG Scientist studying soil disease.)

Few years back, Melvyn Tan the Singapore borne pianist now a British Citizen was fined $5000 and caused a hugh uproar when he came back Singapore to pay his dues. Melvyn Tan left Singapore when he was very young.

While Melvyn Tan had caused a hugh uproar among Singaporeans, Dr Tony Tan's son Patrick Tan had spent 12 years disruption and came back to Mindef to study soil disease. The web is buzzing with Dr Tony Tan's son 12 years deferment from NS (1988 to 2000). Many cannot believed that deferring for 12 years is possible unless you are from a powerful political or extremely rich family.

I as a NS man cannot understand my own stupidity to give my time and responsibilities to SAF when I was active. I should learn from the rest to "eat snakes" or "chow geng" during my time in SAF. My time spent in NS was utterly a waste of time and I realised that we who served had been protecting the foreigners working in Singapore and taking away jobs from us at the same time.....

After reading about Dr Tony Tan's son's 12 years disruption, I cannot imagine the feeling of being cheated especially those NSFs who tried very hard to disrupt during NS and Mindef said cannot and yet a 12 years disruption was possible if someone was a big shot's son.... After NS, cannot disrupt, lagged 2 years behind their peers who need not do NS, yet found that jobs are given to foreigners simply because their wages requirement is lower.

For me personally, I do not want to vote for him simply he is too immersed with PAP, neither is Tan Cheng Bock. I prefer Tan Kin Lian (One man who stood up to give voices to those who were cheated by toxic investment products approved by MAS under LHL) or Tan See Jay (he mentioned noble jobs such as teachers or nurses, not casino jobs)

But I suspected our biased Singapore Election Department may perform another magic to disqualify all other presidential candidates and leaving the PAP linked candidates Dr Tony Tan or Tan Cheng Bock the only 2 eligible to stand for Presidential election. This magic must happen again because the Election Department had created a magic for Mr LKY and the Elected President is LKY's idea. LKY's ideology must not be made a laughing stock upon himself and must be stopped.

Who knows, the ultimate will be Dr Tony Tan is the only qualified candidate approved to stand for election, thus another walk over.


  1. You can run but you cannot hide.

    Hard to cover up these days from the internet and alternative media etc.

    Worrying times for MIWs.

  2. R,

    The sacrifices and commitment we had given was noble then, now they are all shits after PAP had done us the real Singaporeans in .....

  3. 2 words... chee bye

  4. Vote for men in white, more 12 year NS discruptions, more Presidents Scholarships, for Chief of Army post and more private sector bigshot appiontments for their sons and million dollar jobs for their incompetent daughter in laws. AND these are the so called honest ass

  5. If I am PAP, I would give three ticket.

    One to Tony Tan

    One to Tan Kin Lian

    One to Tan See Jay

    All PAP supporter vote will go to Tony Tan

    While non-PAP supporter vote will be slit between the other two Tan.