Friday, July 29, 2011

China Men Illegal Gathering - No Riot Police, 1 handcuffed Local Man Escaped - Riot Police Deployed

Yahoo news had a article where a group of China men claimed that their overtime pays were not paid by their former employer a 35 years old Indian man named Yoga Naidu. These China Men were supposed to meet Mr Naidu at some other place but turned up outside his house. I do not know the details of the disputes but the inaction of Singapore Police over incidents caused by foreigners amazed me!

(Source of photo: Yahoo) - Where were the riot police?

These workers' disputes aside, I was wondering, why the world class Singapore Police Force did not deploy riot police to control the potential volatile situation? The gathering of the China men was clearly constitute an illegal gathering under Singapore Law and yet the Singapore Police Force choose to close both eyes to this incident. Does Singapore's world class Ministry of Foreign Affairs formerly headed by George Yeo cannot handle a simple complain from China embassy if ever police were deployed?

(Source of photo: Yahoo) - China man instigator; should he be locked away under ISA?

Yet in June, a lone man named Nicholas who managed to escaped from world best AETOS Auxiliary Police while handchuffed (the same commercial security company involved in the bomb word incident at Budget Terminal), the Singapore Police Force deployed the Special Operations policemen aka riot police to catch a man in handcuff.

(Source of riot police photo: Xin Min Daily)

The rules of law of a sovereign country should be applied equally to all including foreigners. Singapore governement under PAP does not seem to understand this. The Singapore Police Force should explain why they did not deploy riot police for this illegal gathering while a gang of riot police with live rounds & sniffer dog were sent after a lone Nicholas in handcuff.

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