Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yipee! Singapore out of USA List for Human Trafficking - PRC Pros willing to sell themselves here!

(Source: Yahoo!)

USA had removed Singapore from the list of countries involved in Human Trafficking after "angry protest" and "blasting" from our MHA to the USA. The list is suppose to list countries that are not doing well enough to protect people from being trafficked and what governments deals with such cases. Apparently, the Pot (USA) is calling other Kettles (countries such as Singapore) black because domestically, USA faced a bigger human trafficking problem than Singapore aka, little red dot.

The USA's case against Singapore was that our government (MHA) did not classified "victims" of sex trafficking such as women from poorer nations such as Philippines, Vietnam etc as victims of sex trafficking even when they were "coerced" into the trade after the promised dream jobs turned out to be a bar girl in a sleazy pub.

Great news for Singapore to proof our human rights practice is sound to protect women from the underground sex industry.

We have news of Vietnam women being caught with their bras and panties off in some sleazy bars by Singapore Police at Joo Chiat recently. But we can't face the fact that despite the actions from the Anti-Vice from Singapore Police, there are still endless supplies of flesh meats to feed our sexual appetites, especially the Foreign Trash prostitutes from China. I will not surprised if alot of them are Singapore PRs!


No, no, we are not closing our eyes on human trafficking, these women come willing. Especially those from China and these advertisement proofed it. How to forced these China Foreign Trash prostitutes wear sexy lingerie and posed nicely in front of camera? They come and bang willingly! I am not sure if the Singapore Police Force have a unit to surf the net looking for vices and plan enforcement actions. after all, we are in the Internet age.


  1. Well, while some come here willingly, some indeed were coerced to come here. At least the pot recognizes the kettle is black, which is a better situation than both the pot and kettle denying that they are black at all =)

  2. In response to Phare Anderson: Whilst I acknowledge what you state with regards to those individuals who enter Singapore willingly and with the intention of entering into the sex industry, those particular individuals do not fall into the category of "human trafficking". By definition, what this refers to are those "trafficked" i.e. from other countries, generally around East Asia, and who come with false promises of employment, a better life, etc. They are then, unwillingly placed in to the industry, against their will. Some of the individuals are also very young, even edolescents, i.e. below the age of 16 years and there have been cases in the past where they have been physically, sexually and psychologically abused by customers and their so called 'pimps'. These are the type of victims that "human trafficking" refers to- NOT, willing indivudals who choose to subject themslves to this type of lifestyle. I urge you to educate yourself further about the topic and do your best to place aside your national pride. This issue is global and is not only restricted to Singapore.