Friday, May 6, 2011

Time to Reflect and to Cool off on the Future of Singapore's Political Future

I voted for PAP when I turned 21 sometime ago, but I regretted after 2 walk-overs by the PAP at my constituency. My estate was turned into living quarters for foreigners. Last time when I was younger, there were many Malaysians staying around my estate. Soon these Malaysians left after they had turned "too expensive" to hire. Then the flood of China, Indian, Myanmar workers came....

When I was in Primary school in the 80s, I used to see local Indian men wearing their sarongs when they went out to drink or buy grocery. Forward 20 years later, I am sure that Singapore had also progressed much, out of sudden men wearing sarongs appeared again! These men are from Myanmar, India etc. and I was questioning why we had turned back the clock?

I was worried about my female family members who occasionally worked late and have to watch their backs when ever they return home. Why?

Today is the first ever cooling off day after intense weeks of campaigning and to have such weeks again, I have to wait for another 5 years!

In my mind, I have many issues that gave me my decision not to vote for the Red Lightning and Blue circle.

MM Lee - Politics are dirty, but he was the most cunning politicians in the 1950s where he realised that he cannot win the popular votes among the common Chinese speaking majority. He had to relied on the British to give him the support to rule and contained his political opponents using ISA, betrayed his co-founder Lim Chin Siong.

Many people gave him the title "Father of Singapore" that I do not agree. Singapore was founded by the British and was made a Crown colony and the basic governance was established in 1819 by Raffles. Through the century, the British colonists had established Singapore from a Malay fishing village into a port.

PAP is trying to put a feather on their caps, trying to make people believed that they had transformed a fishing village into a modern country within 50 years. 50 years ago, Singapore was already a vibrant city liked Hong Kong. Of course, we owed what we have to PAP, but they cannot always uses past achievement to whack its people.

In 2011, the strong man in his ripe old age of 87 years old still do not want to step aside gracefully and make way for the truly young generation to take over.

Statesmen liked Deng Xiaoping, Jhang Zemin and even Malaysia's Mahatir had step aside why can't he? Is he trying to proof some thing? I will have more respect for him if he had decided not to contest in this General Election!

In the GRC system, if a member of a GRC passes on, there will not be a by-election as proven in Jurong and Ang Mo Kio GRCs where Ong Jit Chung and Dr Balaji died while in office. Like wise if MM Lee passes on while, unless the result on 7 May 2011 in indeed freak, then the chance of a by-election is bleak.

Singapore lacks transparency due to the lack of oppositions in parliament. I wondered how much MM Lee and his daughter-in-law Ho Ching earns from Temasek as Chairman and CEO? What were their bonuses during the most recent economic crisis?

I remembered Richard Hu had to speak in parliament to explain the loss of harddisk Micropolis. I do not remember parliament ever be addressed for the Billion dollars losses by Temasek or GIC over the losses from 2008-2010? Who was responsible for billions lost over failed investment in Thailand Shin Corp, Telecom investment in Indonesia, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Bank of America.

PM Lee - Being the son of MM Lee makes people say that he came about being a PM was because he was the son of MM Lee which of course he denied and the Lees had sued many papers for labeling them nepotism. Without strong opposition, his wife Ho Ching, CEO of Temasek Holding, formerly as ST Group CEO had made a mess of the reserve of Singapore and lost Billions from the recent financial crisis.

LHL's most astonishing action was to apologize for the "screw ups" the ministers had done. Why now then say sorry? Could it be his father's statement telling Aljunied GRC residents to REPENT for the next 5 years the trigger for LHL to say sorry? Damage control to the words said by his father? I can't imagine having a herring hung on my neck everyday and I have to think about this herring everyday.

I had already repented long time ago after voting for PAP!

PAP Town Council Invested in Lehmen
PAP Town Councils from Holland-Bukit Panjang and Pasir Ris-Punggol Town GRCs had invested the PEOPLE'S monthly conservancy fees into non-secured financial products such as Lehmen brother & High Notes resulting lost of all money. I am not sure if the government had forced the banks to cough out the money invested by these Town Councils but did not do anything to ordinary investors. PM Lee just said "Do the Right thing".

Do not forget who was the Finance Minister during that time! It was PM Lee himself, wearing 2 hats at one time, being the Prime Minister and Finance Minister concurrently.

Immigration - Jobs were given to foreigners simply because we are more expensive and cannot do much OT because we wanted to have quality time with our family because Singapore IS OUR HOME. Foreigners working in Singapore had one purpose, earn money and F off. They do not have to sink their roots into Singapore. PAP's lax policy had cause my country to become a hotel for China, India, Myanmar workers. The damages are already done and not point saying we are going to fine tune the immigration intake.

Lack of Transparency - Due to monopoly of a Single Political Party, there is always lack of transparencies. Why? Because we Singaporeans are a selfish lot when come to choosing a political party to represent them. PAP will always take its people for granted because of lack of strong oppositions in parliament. LHL when PAP came back as a government, the first parliament seating was convened only after 6 months.

(Source: Bloomberg)

Today in UK, the July 2005 London Terrorist bombing inquiry is also due. The inquiry looked into how emergency services, intelligence agencies and how the people responded to the bombing. The purpose of an open inquiry is to be transparent and to prevent further attacks and to improve the working within all the government agencies involved such as sharing of intelligence among government law enforcement agencies.

What the British had founded was their intelligence agency MI-5 had knew about the identity of the terrorists about 2 years ago but failed to share the Intel with the police. I believed through such report and inquest, more will be done to improve and be more transparent in government's actions.

In Singapore, there was not public inquiry over the Mas Selamat escape and we got to know that he was staying at his relatives' house through the massive man hunts that were done in vain. All along, he was staying in a flat at a relative's house. Moreover, our cover-up mentality had helped Mas Selamat a few hours head start to escape. Thousands of hours from the Army, home team were lost and and millions of dollars wasted over such operation. What do we get? We got to know only after a few years that Singapore's most dangerous terrorist had hid himself in a flat and how he escape we were still in the dark.

As mentioned earlier, the money earned by the Lee Family in commercial entities were never made known. These skeletons were best kept in the PAP's cupboards by having PAP being the majority in Parliament. After all, all men need faces.

Despite the fear mongering such as dark clouds coming and end of the world if PAP is kicked out or losing a minister is liked losing a arm or leg, I will vote for opposition because after we became independent in 1965, we had became a First World Country but still in Third World politics.

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