Monday, May 9, 2011

The GRC System had not Failed for PAP

Alot people had said that the GRC system had failed and PM Lee "lamented" that he had a heavy lost to his cabinet and the all time low of overall PAP votes of 60.06%.

I do not think so at all and in fact, it had help PAP to reduce the losses despite hugh dissents in the ground over immigration and holier than thou attitude of the PAP. GRC system managed to keep PAP losses to 6.

If Singapore is to hold an election using the traditional single ward where a single candidate fight in a SMC, the GE result on 7 May will be even deadly for PM Lee's Cabinet. Since the last days Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister, the popularity of PAP had been dropping. Thus the implementation of the GRC System in 1988.

Taking in the losses of Aljunied and retention of Hougang, the Opposition had managed to take 6 Seats despite the cries for changes by Singaporeans over PAP's immigration, transportation and raising cost of living.

If we are still using the traditional model of election, then the losses may be even worst......

For example if the following PAP Candidates had lost in Single Seat SMCs,

Useless PAP MPs such as:
1. Mah Bow Tan - Screw up Housing.
2. Wong Kan Seng - The one that let him got away.
3. Yaacob Bin Ibrahim - Orchard Flooded due to freak rain. Marine Barrage was close!
4. Lee Bee Wah - Ping Pong credit stealer and the only woman with the "Engineer" Title!
5. Teo Ser Luck - Sporty freak trying to look important in Parliament.

New PAP Tail coaters such as:
6. Tin Pei Ling - Foot stomper and speaks without substance.
7. Vikram Nair - Trying to disguise himself as non-partisan blogger, but he was already a YPAP.
8. Foo Mee Har - Ex M'sian, Jr Singaporean with alleged affairs in Citi & a bankrupt Husband.
9. Janil Puthucheary - Ex M'sian, Jr Singaporean with a proud grin.

Aljunied 5 + 9 = 14 losses!

Of course, we know that there are ex generals, unionists and ex civil servants being new PAP candidates were among the new candidates in GE 2011. The loses in Single Seat SMCs may be even worst.

Not to mention the even more loses of single seats to out spoken and popular opposition candidates such as:

Alec Tok
Benjamin Pwee
Gerald Giam Yean Song
Glenda Han Su Ma
Goh Meng Seng
James Gomez
Kenneth Andrew Jeyaretnam
Nicole Seah
Tan Jee Say
Vincent Wijeysingha

The PAP needs the GRC system and perhaps the GE 2016 there may be super size GRCs with 4-5 Ministers with 10 members per GRC.

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