Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vikram Nair

(Newpaper, 23 April 2011)

I did not know much about the P65 Blog and while I was writing about Tin Pei Ling, I had done a search on the owner of defunct P65 Blog. I did not realized that Vikram Nair is running until someone commented that he is running for election in that post. The Newpaper on 23 April also had an article about him so soften his image for voters and it refresh my memory about this man.

Is he a man that we can trust to speak up for the common people or IMO I saw him as a cunning person planning the setup of P65 in 2006, then pretend to be non-partisan? Now in 2001, PAP must have seen his effort and make him one of the successful tea session candidates.


Joining PAP is so good because the media are throwing free publicity for you if you are their candidates.

Anyway, this is part of the post I written about the P65 blog and the owner is Vikram Nair. Some more these PAP people tried to disguise P65 as a "non-partisan" blog site. Who know the Netizens had exposed their lies to the general public.



(Source: Latest Post was in Jan 2011)

Their link even had a contributor from Miami using Internet Marketing to sell a Miami Law Firm's services.

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