Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Congestion in PIE Monsoon Canal

Late last year, I wrote about blockage of the monsoon drain around Bt Timah Road

Congestion Affects Monsoon Drain too
Congestion Affects Monsoon Drain too - Part 2
Congestion Affects Monsoon Drain too - Part 3

Recently about a few months ago, that area was having dredging activity on that junction to clear the "paddy field" and to improve drainage. Finally the PUB is serious about it especially with election around the corner.

However, while driving from CTE into PIE, I never failed to notice that another part of Singapore Monsoon drain is also having some crops cultivation. Perhaps PUB with the AVA is doing an experiment in the canal to see if its viable to have agriculture activity on monsoon drains. But I am sure that water flow will be affected and not sure how much the mud in the canal will resist the flow of water in a down pour.....

Why always I notice such things again? In fact there are regular patrols by PUB on boats on that canal. When I was there, there was one such boat operating.

(PUB boat under the pipe area)

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