Saturday, April 23, 2011

LHL: Lee Kuan Yew Has No Special Role In Singapore's Upcoming General Election

Google news feed about Singapore Election had this article by Bernama and Xinhua news agencies had declared that MM Lee and SM Lee will not have special roles during the GE 2011. SM Goh is busy fighting a backfire by having Tin Pei Ling as a political millstone tied to his ankle in his GRC. His Padawan learner Tin Pei Ling seem to be a laughing stock compared with Ms Nicole Seah of the NSP.

Now it seem to be Tin Pei Ling of PAP vs Nicole Seah of NSP at the GRC. MM Lee's most feared political end-time scenario may become a reality if SM Goh's GRC is defeated by the so called freak election result which he will call in his personal army! There are cracks in the formidable but un-democratic GRC system in Singapore.

MM Lee in his ripe old age of 87 and going 88, most people should be happily retired (except for Singaporeans) but MM Lee was still running dispute much younger PAP MPs in their 50s or 60s were asked to step down.

There you are, Lee Hsien Loong telling people that SM Goh and MM Lee had not special roles in the GE 2011, then how about their roles after election if PAP still the majority government?

In Straits Times article on 6 April 2011, then PM Lee had mentioned that "There won't be another MM". So is LHL lying since MM Lee is contesting again?

Perhaps there will be a new post created after GE for MM Lee; SMM: Senior Mentor Minister (aka LHL's father)

(Source: Straits Times, 6 Apr 2011)

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  1. The standard of your English is appalling.

    Content-wise, your logic and selective quoting and subsequent massaging of a point are incoherent at best, unintelligent at worst.