Friday, April 22, 2011

Lee Hsien Loong: Foreigner Help Create Good Jobs for Singaporeans?

Straits Times on 22 April 2011 mentioned that PM Lee saying Foreigners help creat good jobs Singaporeans. Er aren't the task of job creating the job of a government? How does Foreigners help in our case?

Let's look back IMFlash in 2008, the year of full blown world finance crisis and time the peak of PAP's anti-Singaporeans policy at work. In the news article, it mentioned 300 INDIAN production operators from INDIA. Why we need those Indian production operators and not get Singaporeans as operators? Even Malaysians are more expensive because they cannot do much OT because they need to go home everyday!

"It became known on Thursday that the staff, 500 of whom are undergoing training in Utah, United States, were informed of the decision on October 13 in a meeting at the company's Lehi facility. The remaining 300 - hired as production operators and who are mostly from India - have already left the company. "

(Source: Today)

I cannot really understand what Lee Hsien Loong is taking about.

Foreign MNCs' foreign workers quotas are different from other local companies or small foreign companies. It's quotas can be more than 50% foreigners, therefore, having foreigners does not help to create GOOD jobs for Singaporeans.

Having cheap foreigners entices Foreign MNCs to invest monies in Singapore, the factor of more expensive Singaporeans does not have a place in the planning of these foreign investors. After all, their performance is based on investors returns at the stock exchanges.

Straits Times seem to have forgotten that Parliament is DISSOLVED and Lee Hsien Loong is not longer the PM. He will be again be PM after GE 2011 (if PAP have the majority to form parliament after GE2011)

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