Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Says No to PAP

(Source: Straits Times, 6 Apr 2011)

PM Lee, son of MM Lee KY had spoken to a student forum that 2 party system is NOT WORKABLE in Singapore. He had forgotten that he or the PAP do not decide the political route Singapore is taking.

The rightful decision lies with Singaporeans' voting rights.

Why PAP says 2 party system no good? Because he need more time to fix the oppositions! Liked father liked son.....

PAP through the GRC system had placed weak candidates and tail-coat these weak candidates such as Ms Tin Pei Ling into Parliament. Effectively, this GRC had entrenched PAP's grip in Parliament because voters does not want to vote away those so called "power" PAP minister candidates such the Finance Minister Tharman.

IMO, this time round voters will be wise and had seen through PAP's ploy to take our democratic rights by using the GRC system. I will not mind voting away Mr Tharman together with his Tail-Coaters candidates because only 1 is capable.

PM Lee also mentioned the dramatic shift of PAP's power to "usurp" the Singapore Parliament is due to the mass resignation of Barisan Socialist MPs in the 60s.

But PM Lee had failed to mentioned that his father MM Lee KY had used the ISA to arrest so called the "communists" elements under Ops Cold Store. During the dark age of Singapore in the 60s to 80s, PAP found that ISA is undesirable to the eyes of international community and started to use lawsuits to bankrupt political opponents such as Dr Chee of SDP, the Late JBJ and Tang Liang Hong of WP.

This round of election, the opposition parties had promised no walked over for the people of Singapore. I believed that Singaporeans will be able to make a wise decision and tell PAP who are the bosses.

(Source: Straits Times, 6 Apr 2011) - Do these students realized that PAP had compromised their political rights?

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