Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wong Kan Seng the Population Czar & Goh Chok Tong the Crabman

This past few days we have many news about the good works of PAP. Below are the 2 bigwigs ots from PAP commenting about copulation and chilli crabs:

DPM Wong Kan Seng, the former Home Affairs Minister who cannot take responsibilities of letting Singapore's top terrorist Mas Selamat lurking at his relative house while wearing a tudung and finally escaped to Malaysia, now the Coordinating Minister for National Security, and the latest now is WKS is wearing a extra hat being the Singapore Czar of Population.

Of course the Nordic model of rewards for copulations are not the way to go because the Nordic people liked to make babies out of wedlock. Its a no no in a traditional Asian Society liked Singapore. The bottom line is, PAP government is unwilling to revamp the whole Singapore work place culture to boost declining birth rate. Its easy to make babies for most couples, but to look after the babies' welfare and finding care givers to the babies is simply a economical burden to many couples.

The mindset of Employers must also change too. No point in the government boards where civil servants mothers can enjoy having flexi work hours and given generous pre-natal benefits while in private companies there are double standards. In private companies, new mothers are having fears of losing their jobs after 4 months confinement leaves.

SM Goh CT's comment about popular chilli crabs store being moved and yet people will still find it. I am those who cannot take chilli and is also allergic to crabs, I do not even bother to find out where are the best chilli crab stores are. Simply speaking, eating chilli crabs will kill me! For me, I will eat alternate food such as Chicken with tomato and will not eat chilli crabs. One of my favorite dish is of course Mee Siam, but without the cockles (aka hum)!

Source of Cockles: http://www.dumbaaldum.org

Source of Cockle collectors: Bangkok Post

Below is a YouTube video of the collection process of Cockles in the Ecuador, so interesting!

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