Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stepping Down of Senior PAP Ministers or MPs

Past few weeks, the State controlled media the Straits Times and MediaCorp had been on overdrive to provide propaganda coverage for the ruling PAP. For past few days, there had been news of PAP new generation aka Newbies Candidates. The "Phew Chow Nua" issue to me personally was the introduction of the so called "New Citizen" PAP Newbies candidates with stellar accomplishments and backgrounds.

The most recent was the announcement of retirement of PAP Senior Minister S. Jayakumar and Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi. There were talks of either of them maybe running for the elected President (IMO a waste of public money having a President doing a ceremonial role but annual salary excess of S$3m.)

I suspect Abdullah Tarmugi maybe running for it to appease the Singaporean Malays from MM Lee's Racist and Religious comment against the Malays in Singapore.

However, the most important question I have in mind is: is MM Lee and SM Goh stepping aside for the new generation? IMO, PM Lee's father MM Lee is more of a hindrance to him in effectively carry out his party's vision (also his father's party)

But I will not be surprised if these 2 nannies are still hanging around to mind the son's politics this coming election. The PM (if he is still PM after this coming GE) should politely request his father to enjoy his last remaining years peacefully and dissolve in Singapore's politics gracefully. After all glories and titles cannot be brought into the grave.

I still remember his speech on the great Orchard Road flood where he mentioned "No amount of engineering can prevent flood". Then why is PUB spending $26m to raise Orchard Road?

(Source: Today Paper 24 Mar)

MM Lee's famous Great Orchard Flood comment:

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