Monday, March 14, 2011

President's Scholars becoming MPs or Ministers

About 1 week ago, there was news that the current Chief of Army Major-General Chan Chun Sing had "Retired" from Army and Retired Army General Brigadier-General (NS) Ravinder Singh had to be activated to become the new Army Chief...... What a typical army working style, letting other people clearing his shits. Is joining army for scholars a fast track to a life long job security and a guaranteed path to politics?

(Source: Mindef. Major-General Chan Chun Sing now "Retired")

I am questioning the MG Chan's motive to join the PAP as a candidate, does he have no sense of duty as Army Chief or he knows from the beginning from the moment he got the President's Scholarship that years later from then, he had arrived; leaving the Army, joining the PAP, becoming a MP, then a Minister drawing a million dollars salary? Or becoming PAP's so called 4th Gen Leaders?

I will have more respect for MG (NS) Chan if he were to tell his political master the PAP that he should, as a PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER is to responsibility discharged his duty as Army Chief and fully complete his tour of duty and then join politics in the next election. After all he is only 41 years old, he's not 51 or 61 this year.

(Source: Mindef. Brigadier-General Ravinder Singh, was he sidelined for Army Chief because he is capable but a non President's scholar?)

Singaporeans have to decide for themselves if they want this sort of politics using their votes. If he comes to my GRC and there is a contest, I will not vote for his team at all nor other PAP teams.

I had enough of the propaganda by the ruling party about how great are they. I just remembered the number of uncontrolled foreigners were let into Singapore to fight with Singaporeans for jobs that Singaporeans WANTED TO DO. Sky rocketed prices for new flats and private properties. Tons of China men and women clogging up our system and not to forget the Billions lost by Temasek and GIC.

Looking at the wiki listing on the whos who of Singapore President's scholars, there seem to be one more of such President's scholars emerging for Politics:

* Low Pat Chin
* Patrick Tan Boon Ooi - A*STAR Principle Investigator, Research Group Leader
* Marion-Magaret Aw - Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology, and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute (UCMI), National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

* Chan Chun Sing - "Retired" Chief of Singapore Army
* Denise Goh Li-Meng - Associate Professor of Paediatric Genetics and Metabolic Medicine, and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute (UCMI), National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore

* Hoo Sheau Peng
* Lee Seow Hiang - CEO, Changi Airport Group (Possible another Lee coming to politics?)
* Lynette Shek Pei-Chi - Associate Professor of Paediatric Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology and Senior Consultant Paediatrician, University Children's Medical Institute, National University Health System, Singapore
* Ng Chee Peng (Current Chief Navy)

IMO, Lee Seow Hiang was one such candidates that PAP been looking for. Not sure if he was related to the MM Lee or PM Lee but either he is related or not, will such Scholar background MPs or ministers able to implement policies for the people or voice out THEIR CONSTITUENTS' concerns to the government such as the overwhelming foreigners (North Indians and Chinese from China) coming to work and live in Singapore, sky-high HDB Flats prices and the cheapness of a Singapore Pink IC?

(Source: Changi Airport Group)

One thing about President's Scholars is that in a typical President's Scholar vs non President's Scholars, President's Scholars always win no matter what.

For example, in Army War games, President's Scholar Generals always wins no matter how experienced his opponents are. Reason? Simply because he is a President Scholars. I am sure that when Lee Seow Hiang was a CO in one of the Air Force units and during the Best Fighting unit competitions, he sure had won hands down! No doubt about that!


  1. Haha! Why are you talking out of your ass and making a fool out of yourself? I read your post over and over again hoping to find some original thought or at least some accurate insider information, but sadly there was none.

    Then I remembered. You're a FARMER. Armchair critic + keyboard warrior who failed miserably in school and could only watch drooling with envy as people undoubtedly smarter and blessed genetically go on to lead successful lives and do great things he could never hope to do. You don't even have friends in those elite circles - that's why you trip over yourself criticising scholars.

    The green-eyed jealousy in your post is obvious for all to see. Why else would you come to silly conclusions like MG Chan is not serving his nation by joining politics? You're so handicapped you can't think of anything better to complain about besides the fact that he retired early. You can't see the bigger picture that he's making an even bigger sacrifice by putting himself out there for politics. You have no understanding of what it's like, and that's why you're stuck here running a blog that nobody wants to read.

    HAHAHAHA WAHHHH "not another Lee" huh?!?! Aiyoh. So smart ah, you think you're some smartass conspiracy theorist because you spotted that he has a famous surname! Then anyhow draw conclusions some more, when he's not even related to the Lee dynasty but he's just a million times more capable than you. That's why he was plucked out of the air force to run CAAS. Okay lah, very smart, very smart, we're all going to die because his surname is Lee!!!

  2. But then again, any general's career in the armed forces is served at the pleasure of the minister of defence/ prime minister. so even if he wants to be a good soldier and remain a general as long as possible, the govt has a habit of rotating all the generals, perhaps so that they could not be so entrenched with military power that they can then coup d'etat the pappies.

  3. Retirement of SAF officers are raised from 45 to 50 years old. 41 Years old general supposing to have 9 more years to go but now already 3 stars liao. Stay another 9 years, then should got not enough space to add 3 more stars :)

    So go politics better.

  4. Ya bro, I'm afraid I agree with Anonymous.. you're barking up the wrong tree..

  5. I was wrong about Lee Seow Hiang, I therefore stand corrected.

  6. you suck balls

  7. Retirement age of SAF officers raised to 50 is only applied to the SAF farmers (the non SAFOS scholars).

    Many of these farmers have nowhere to go after 42, the previous retirement age and are stranded, so SAF raised the retirement age to 50 for them.

    The career and CEP of SAFOS scholars are still calculated based on retirement at 42. They have second careers and are part of the government's Admin Service. The transition to the civilian ministries full time as DS/PS is
    the norm. Now and then we have some transiting to be ministers.

    MG Chan is a brilliant visionary who is not only highly analytical but has the visionary intellect so desperately needed in government leadership currently.

    It doesn't mean that someone who is bright and successful can empathize less or express your fears over foreigners less than someone who is stupid and unsuccessful eg Nicole Seah. Use your brain and try to think critically for once in your life. Stupid and poor do not then automatically mean you should align yourself with them coz automatically they are your choice cos they are stupid and poor. It doesn't even mean they can empathize better since there are lots of farmer pricks around with bad characters. Use your brains for once in your life.

  8. It's great that the Internet affords Singaporeans more of a voice to talk about national issues. It's not so great that some speak like morons when given the chance to do so.

    Not all President's scholars end up earning their awards, but some do. Your whole attitude of beating down someone just because he or she got this award just shows how little discrimination and intelligence you apply to your arguments. MG Chan happens to be an extremely capable individual. I don't know him directly but over the past decade I've heard many stories about his exceptional ability to get things done. There are many PS/SAFOS scholars in the SAF, but MG Chan is pretty much the only one I keep hearing these stories about. I think that says something about Chan and his potential. Now, to be fair, I don't know yet whether he will use his talents more for self-promotion or more for serving Singapore; only time will tell. But for you to prejudge him based on his status as a President's scholar really tells me your opinions are made on the basis of prejudice and ignorance. Try and do a little better than this type of populist ass-talking.

    To the last commenter: I disagree with you that Nicole Seah is stupid and unsuccessful. You are just as bad as the OP with your dickheaded comment. Seah may be young and inexperienced, but she struck me as being exceptionally mature for her age. And she carried herself way better than Tin Pei Ling. Next election I hope to see Seah again and I believe she will give her opponents even more to fear and respect.

    At the end of the day, people, I urge you not to criticize based on party lines but rather to look at the individuals standing for election and see who deserves to represent you. Whether opposition or ruling party, there are good people and there are bad eggs. Don't be yet another dumb sheep who can only bleat the party slogan and shout down the opposing party. The PAP likes to insinuate by their various policies that we can't think for ourselves and that we should therefore leave matters into their hands entirely; don't go all out and prove them right by your asinine thrash-talking.

  9. Well. I do think many President's Scholars deserve less than what the names they have named. Having known most of them, worked with them and grown up with them. I am a scholar myself and i feel ashamed for many of the words/policies they have come up with till date.