Monday, March 21, 2011

PAP record speaks for itself: PAP Lam Pin Min said

Source: Today Paper, 21 Mar 2011

MP Lam Pin Min from Seng Kang West speaks about confident for PAP's candidate's chance to win the ward because "our track record speaks for itself"

Did he ever spoke up against the Influx of foreigners for the past 5 years? Did he speak up when Temasek and GIC lost billions past 2 years? Did he speak up when when CPF minimum sum was further increased? Did he speak up when Mas Selamat floated away? Did he speak up when many investors especially the retirees lost millions over the Toxic Investment products from DBS and other banks? Did he speak up when recently cabinet increased the President's salary? Did he speak up for the people at all?

So what worthy PAP Track Records is Lam Pin Min talking about? Another 5 years of silent MP if there are not sufficient opposition MPs in Parliament?


  1. Hello, my friend! Dr Lam has done some very wonderful things in Sengang West - speak to nearly any community member in this SMC and they will agree. His track record really does speak for itself.

  2. Actually he did "speak" on the Mas Selamat escape on the now near defunct P65 blog. During the early days of Selamat, Lam gave his take on the escape but had to back pedal and claim that he did not have the full picture when cornered. Yet he had been writing as though he had the facts. My impression of him is not positive as I feel he is the type who would parrot his party's views while trying to appear analytical and objective.

  3. Aussie Pete,

    Yah right!

  4. I am a Sengkang West resident. What are the kind of wonderful things you see in SK West? All we get here in SK is poor transport and dog food dominated by Kopitiam monopoly foodcourts.