Friday, March 11, 2011

Near Empty Parliament & a ZZZ MP

In today Parliament excerpt from Mediacorp, I was playing back the recording on my LCD TV and I noticed an interesting scene. I do not know who is the MP in Blue, but certainly not a Opposition MP. The MP in blue is sleeping on a comfy red color leather MP seat.

So much for these self serving MPs!

"Wah, very tired man..... so boring, this Zaqy guy talk so much..."

"Need to find a comfy position"

"Eh? Who is coming now? "

"Nah! Friend from PAP la!"

Auntie just came back from marketing :)





Today PM Lee not in the house, may be he was in toilet, but where are the rest of the 80+ PAP MPs?

1 comment:

  1. They can sleep all they want as they have scripts in their hands, so long as they wake each others up, they're ready to present their speeches. It was not debates like in the British and Taiwanese Parliaments.