Saturday, March 26, 2011

Massive PAP Progaganda by State Controlled Straits Times, again....

Straits Times on 26 March, Saturday had several full pages reports of the past achievement of PAP MPs and how great they were in handling the SQ119 hijacking, the Laju Ferry incident with the Japanese Red Army etc.

Firstly, the Straits Time on 26 Mar (Sat) described how Prof Jayakumar with then Dr Yeo Nee Hong had successfully conducted a operation against 4 terrorists armed with butter knives and sparklers. Of course, the real heros are the SOF troopers who wipe the Pakistani terrorists off the face of earth within mins.

(Source: Straits Times)

Next, the Straits Time had a report of 4 PAP MP who trounced their opposition opponents in the last GE in2006, with Dr Teo Ho Pin being the top winner score from the PAP.

5 years after since 2006, Dr Teo Ho Pin's town council had lost millions dollars resulted from investment from the toxic Investment Fund from Lehman Brothers.

Mr Charles Chong, still dare to claim being the longest lasting PAP back bencher had labeled ordinary Singaporeans as "LESSER MORTALS" when outcry from the people about Perm Sec Tan Yong Soon's almost $50,000 cooking class during the World Economic crisis . Perhaps, those LESSER MORTALS from his constituency should give him the boot since he had spent so much time at parliament doing nothing. Time to give the real mortal from the opposition parties to have a say in Parliament.

Matthias Yao since defeating Dr Chee with the assistance from the underhand method from the State controlled media had not been saying anything worthy since then.

Sad to say, Ang Mo Seng a real grass root leader turned MP had to step aside to give way to untested new PAP candidates.

The only page the opposition party coverage is from Mrs Chaim See Tong, only a portion from the Straits Times.

(Source: Straits Times)

(Source: Straits Times)

The Straits Times even bring up the Laju Ferry terror incident happened in the 70s. I think they are worried that the young people had not been aware of the past contribution from the PAP. Past achievements does not meant that the ruling party can shove what so ever policies up our throats.

The people's voices need to be heard in a balanced parliament.


  1. Haha, the Straits Times is really fun to read these few days. So nice to see how 'journalistic impartiality' will be practiced in the days leading up to voting day.

  2. It should be correctly labelled "States Times".
    Unfortunately alot of heartlanders are still reading these fake times.

  3. If there was anyone qualified to rule, he would be in PAP. Talent is scarce and can never be shared among organisations. PAP will be status quo for a long time