Monday, March 28, 2011

Distraction from Chan Shun Sing to New Army Chief

(Source: Sunday Times 27 Mar 2011)

Sunday Times on 27 Mar 2011 had an article titled "Best man to lead 'digital natives' of 3G army"

IMO, its a distraction from Mr Chan Chun Sing to the new Chief of Army, BG Ravinder Singh.

Columnist Jermyn Chow's several distractions are:

"Some observers wonder if picking within the uniformed ranks were so slim the SAF had no choice but to recall BG Singh to lead Singapore's more than 280,000 soldiers."

Jermyn had forgotten that Singapore Armed Forces cum the Home Team relies on NSmen due to their experiences and the limited number of males for NS. He seems to forget that countless of NS Battalion Commanders had lead and still leading the NSmen in their Battalions forming the Combined Arms Divisions. I mentioned earlier that its possible that BG Singh was bypassed because he was not a President's Scholar thus he was asked to retire 2 years to make way for Mr Chan Chun Sing to become Army Chief exactly 1 year ago.

The article also mentioned the BG Singh may have lost touch with the grit and pain of wearing a boots. This also put the annual ICTs of many NSmen into nothing because NSmen liked BG Singh had lost touch. It also mentioned that the younger contemporaries had hard time giving BG Singh the RESPECT. Come on! BG Singh is 46, pretty young compared to regional Armies and from the US or UK plus he was the Chief of Staff Joint Staff, how can the younger BGs don't give him respect?

This extraordinary recall of BG Singh is really extra ordinary if not for Mr Chan Chun Sing's premature departure from SAF with exactly 1 year ago as the Army Chief to join the PAP. What sort of precedence the ruling party and the Defence Minister had set for future generation to follow?

The article further went on justifying getting older Generals to lead Army by mentioning the recall of Retired General Peter Schoomaker to lead its Chief of Staff and 51 years old General David Petraeus to lead US operations in Iraq.

Why not the 2 blue eyes boys BG Chan Chun Sing, 41, BG Tan Chuan Jin 41, stay put and give their best to the SAF instead of leaving for greener pasture to join politics?

After all retirement for SAF officers is now 50 YEARS OLD.

The article does not justify itself by having examples of "older" generals to support the argument that BG Singh age is not an issue. The article also contradict itself by justifying Generals leaving in their early 40s to "spread its top talents around", then Mr Chan Chung Sing and Tan Chuan Jin should stay put to develop SAF into another level of combat competency.


  1. Good that you reminded us that Chan Chun Sing's departure from the SAF after only one year at his last post. It does not bode well for the SAF that he left so soon and it would affect the morale of the SAF actually.

  2. Let's face it. SAF generals are not promoted to protect the country against any armed aggression but to fill the ranks of the ruling party, ie., to perpetuate party's hold on power.

    To quote LKY when he referred to the detention without trial of his political opponets for decades: LKY said he did it for an 'honorable' reason!

    So by the same token, perpetuating PAP hold on power is honorable, fixing and suppressing legitimate opposing viewpoints and politics is honourable. His son, LHL, is a chip of the old block when he said he would spend a lot of time on figuring out how to 'fix' the opposition and buy the votes of Singaporeans, right after the 2006 GE.

    Is there a difference between PAP politicians and crooks?

  3. I will vote for Chan Chun Sing because I have seen him work, and he is a outstanding man and an inspirational leader that his men will follow through hell and high water.

    If you don't know the man, go and ask people who do. Stop making stupid "general"-isations based on your uninformed impression.