Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chan Chun Sing - Former Chief of Army (2 Star General)

Today newspaper had a tiny portion reporting MG Chan Chun Sing, 41 handed over command to BG Ravinder Singh, 46 on 25 Mar 2011. BG Ravinder was formerly a NS man being activated to take over the Army command and he is the first NSman being re-activated to enter regular service again.


Does any one question a short tour of exactly 1 year for a Chief of Army (26 Mar 2010 to 25 Mar 2011) will be detrimental to the leadership of the Singapore Army? As mentioned previously, was BG Ranvinder bypassed by a President Scholar? What is the morale of the upper leadership of Singapore Army? Is the Army with its scared mission to protect Singapore becoming or had became a playground of President Scholars?

In his farewell speech, he said "one can never have enough time to complete the work of our army’.

Come on! He served only 1 year as COA and official retirement for officers had been raised to 50 years old, what type of excuses Ah Chan gave? Normally a army chief's career is about 2-3 years then if he is capable enough, to the CDF post. He had another 9 years to go right? 9 years to retirement not enough time? If he has no time, how about his time for his constituents (if he is ever elected?

(Taking of Army Command Symbol from MG Neo, 26 Mar 2010)

(Oath Taking by then BG Chan, 26 Mar 2010)


  1. It is apparent that he has to be brought in prematurely because of some desperation or succession plan (Teo Chee Hian taking over as PM sometime after the GE?).

    BG singh is likely to serve only the outstanding period of MG Chan, ie, he is basically a seat warmer, until a new COA takes over who is in the meanwhile yet to identified or not ready for the job until he has acquired the necessary exposure/postings leading to the COA post.

    As for MG Chan's political future, IF ELECTED, he is a potential future Defence Minister. Perhaps, someone can supply details of his background and political lineage?

  2. Another Military Junta in the Making?

  3. Served under Chan before when he was in 9 DIV, Efficient, intelligent, Precise. Very different from what you'd expect of a soldier, he is ministerial calibre.

  4. Anonymous
    March 27, 2011 7:29 PM,

    Ministerial calibre, what is calibre that's 'ministerial'? What is your definition?

    Are you a minister or of ministerial calibre yourself?
    Otherwise, how do you know what is and what isn't?

    While we are on it, how many of the current ministers are of ministerial calibre, in your opinion? Lim Swee Say, Liu Tuck Yew, Yacob Ibrahim, etc etc?

    1. And you are qualified to judge then, by your standard? While we are at it, who is qualified to vote for MPs, given that almost no one is an MP? What a fucking stupid argument you make.

  5. Many will fit in to be the President Of Sin.
    Because it is high paying low calibre job.
    Just for boasting and rambling, our cabinet members are no match to those army commanders.
    But, take away the rank and power of the commanders and they are no better than their soldiers.


  6. anon at March 27, 2011 8:49 PM is obviously drowning in his scathing envy of president's scholars. He is also clearly the same person who wrote the foolish blog post above.

    Chan Chun Sing was earmarked to be COA years before he ascended to it. He is so intelligent it's rumoured his CEP was COA when he was a CPT or MAJ. Neo Kian Hong was meant to be succeeded by either of two then-BG, Wong Ann Chai or Bernard Tan, both president's scholars, and Chan after that. There is a significant age gap between MG Chan who is much younger than Neo.

    BG Wong and Tan left the SAF suddenly, causing a hole in the succession plan. Rumour was they had to extend Neo's stay as COA, to wait for Chan Chun Sing to be ready finishing his prep tours to be COA.

    When he became COA, no one in the SAF had planned or expected for him to be hijacked for politics.

    He and Tan Chuan Jin will most definitely become the next Defence Minister and possibly DPM.

    I'm sure anon doesn't know this, but Chan Chun Sing, Tan Chuan Jin, Neo Kian Hong, Ravindar Singh, Wong Ann Chai and Bernard Tan Kok Kiang are all SAFOS (SAF Overseas Scholarship) scholars, this is their common thread.

    There isn't a single name in the list who isn't. So, no, the SAF is not the playground for president's scholars. All the names above are career soldiers, SAFOS scholars, and among them, besides Chan, Wong and Tan are also president's scholars.

    SAFOS is administered by PSC,like the president's scholarship. It is awarded as a topping of prestige to either SAFOS, SPFOS or Overseas Merit Scholarship recipients and has no intrinsic monetary value or bond time on its own.

    You need to polish up your knowledge on what's going on, and how things work, and what you are trying to talk about.

    You cannot tell your ass from your face, as far as this topic on SAF leadership, and PSC scholarships and the top brass of the country goes.

    May I add that no one owes you, a nobody, anything to account for their brilliance. Becuase who are you really? Just one of the countless nobodies out there who not only know nothing, but lack the intellect to defend your ignorance.

  7. Its funny someone who can't get primary school grammar of "had become" is questioning president's scholars (gasps!) and other people's intellect. Its like a millipede that thinks it can beat an elephant at the weighing scale.

  8. The President Scholars I met in the SAF are unlike any of the soldiers there. I've come across a few disappointing SAFOS here and there, though most are smart, driven and very ambitious..but all the PS are outstanding..brilliant..very sharp and efficient.. They are of cos far smaller in number. Only 1 PS a year for SAF and about 4-6 SAFOS.

  9. "Was BG singh bypassed by a president scholar?" It sounds like he didnt know the army chief was a career soldier and didnt know there are many president's scholars in the SAF. Doesn't every Singaporean know the PM was one as well and so was his brother in the SAF.

    I think the blogger screams dumb with this post. Some parts are funny, other parts cringe inducing but overall entertaining. I feel afraid for singaporeans if this is the calibre of the opposition voice- supposedly meant to be the voice of questioning for the people.

  10. He is the best of the best. Down to earth character, always understand how the men feel and put them in piority. I was with him in X SIR
    and also my Div Comd. Never saw such SAFOS like that. Always lead by example. He will be a good minister. He is always a 1 year tour person every appointment taken lasted 1 year more or less, even Div Comd. His CO tour only 10 months i think. This prove that within a short time he can make things work.

  11. alot of you commenting have never seen him at work or witnessed the finesse he has when he starts to speak. There is no other way to say it, but this man is literally made for politics.

    I just wish all of you nay sayers would have the opportunity i had in OCS to listen to him speak about Singapore. He is the a really big coup for the PAP. If only all president scholars turn out to be like him

  12. one question. was Ravindar Singh even a SAFOS?

  13. I have served with Chan Chun Sing and have seen the man at work. All my adult life I had wanted a PAP government and a strong opposition as a check and balance. And have thus always voted opposition. However Chun Sing's entry into politics has made me rethink my vote. Having served with and under his command I see the quality of the man and the passion that he has for Singapore. This GE it will not be an opposition vote at all cost. But I am now voting based on candidate.

    A Serving NSman

  14. Wow, i stumbled into this blog, and after reading it, looks like PM has hit the jackpot by bringing this MG Chan to stir up the passion and rekindle the disengaged youths who are questioning why they should serve their country.

    I am not a female voter so I can't relate or share the sentiments and respects most writers have accorded him here. But purely based on the razor tv interviews, i was very put off by his in-your-face interaction at the Forum. He was very opinionated on alot of issues which quite frankly, just spell to me more old wine but in new bottle. Everything from a seige-mentality about SG's vulnerability, to equating his superman theory like "with more power comes responsibility" (sound like another LBH that equate himself as jesus to the lepers) etc etc..In sum, i was just irked out by all his comments, and the way/tone he relates to people. He is definitely ambitious and a come-on, so to have someone like that as a Defense probably not a good idea. But as MP who can relate to people on field, let's just say taht "I'm not feeling him"..or "he's not feeling me". Good Luck to him.

  15. sorry quick fingers..typo mistakes. should read
    "I'm a female voter" & " probably not a bad idea".

  16. Just my thought.

    In my time served in NS i've encountered multiple SAFOS cum president scholars. Quite frankly the other scholars pale in absolute comparison when measured against the aptitude and abilities of the SAFOS scholars. Having worked with them, i can safely say that they are a breed of their own.

    On this account, i believe that Chan Chun Sing does have what it takes to be in the politics and even lead the army. Yes he does hold the style befitting his previous rank and appointment and yes he does speak of things that sounds and even tastes like that of old wine. But i feel that we have been judging him superficially. Even the SAFOS scholars have a CEP that fast-tracks them to the high appointments, they have to still work hard to prove themselves. The SAFOS captain i knew in army was extremely exceptional. He worked tirelessly and was an excellent role model for any he encounters.

    Well now what more Chan Chun Sing. I believe that there is a reason for everything. I believe that Singapore survives only because of its foresight and good planning. And if Chan Chun Sing is roped in then it is for a good cause.

  17. I think he spent too much time in the army. I cringed when I saw the soeech he made at the PAP youth rally. Speaking in Hokkien like an Ah Beng. He did not protray to me as a person of ministerial calibre or he thinks that all Singaporeans speak hokkien as if they are still in the army. He is over doing the hokkien part and I am a hokkien and I do not speak like that. Please speak in proper English. There is no need to speak like an English professor and so far of all the candidtaes, he speaks really really bad. I will be ashamed of any MP that speaks like him. He may be very capable in the Army but always be mindful of your audience, Unless tthe PAP youth wing is filled with hokkien speaking Ah Bengs which I really doubt so.

  18. Haha nobody knows chan chun sing failed the ATEC as co of 2 SIR. Enemy came into the command post and shot him. Warrant Parthiban and Encik Selgam knows. But umpire covered it up. Anyway the sabres system also always not working, easy to cover up.

  19. the singlish level of both low kia thiang and chan chung sing seem to be on par though. No ones complaining about lkt's english. Bush also has an accent. Julia Gillard also has an accent. I don't see why ppl should be judged on their accent. Dont be so insecure about the way you speak.

    We cannot judge how a man will be at ministerial level until we can see how he does in parliament, which most singaporeans after elections probably don't care about anyway.

    Election fever will die down just like how Obama fever died

  20. @Anon MARCH 30, 2011 4:54 PM
    You said "SAFOS is administered by PSC,like the president's scholarship. It is awarded as a topping of prestige to either SAFOS, SPFOS or Overseas Merit Scholarship recipients and has no intrinsic monetary value or bond time on its own."

    Your comment reads like "SAFOS is administered by PSC,like the president's scholarship. SAFOS is awarded as a topping of prestige to either SAFOS, SPFOS or Overseas Merit Scholarship recipients and has no intrinsic monetary value or bond time on its own."

    Are you saying that "SAFOS is awarded as a topping of prestige to either SAFOS, SPFOS..."? i.e. it is a topping for itself?

    I don't know about MG Chan coz I've never met him before nor know anyone who's worked with him, so I am in no place to comment about him.

    However, I do find your comments snide and condescending - I assume you are a high flyer better than the blogger since you speak down on him like one? Your definition of the PS is not entirely correct either.

  21. @ Anon MAY 4, 2011 10:27 PM
    Aren't you disclosing classified official info by mentioning that here?

    "Haha nobody knows chan chun sing failed the ATEC as co of 2 SIR. Enemy came into the command post and shot him. Warrant Parthiban and Encik Selgam knows. But umpire covered it up. Anyway the sabres system also always not working, easy to cover up."

  22. One word, majulah!!! This year theme

  23. Chan Chun Sing so far proven to be a piece of shit!Not surprising as the saf is a place for the cho bo lan

    1. You are probably one of those who cho bo lan, so don't labelled the others as so. There are many Singaporean males who don't agree with you. You are probably one of the 'keng king' who do no service to your country and ridicule the others who served. You are basically anti-establishment and if you find a better country, please go join them.

  24. I always have doubts over the ability for SAF Scholars to manage business in a commercial world. These scholars are identified early and given a shielded path to promotion. What they laernt is unreal (almost a make believe world) where activities are confined to simulation exercises; table top exercise; planned attacks and defence; with unlimited human resource to accomplish any project (those of importance)and self accountability (no shareholders). When they become CEOs of a coporation or as MPs, what he learnt from the army is of limited use. That's why he still talk and behave like as if he is in the army. So many generals had been pushed into the business world but how many succeed?

  25. saf is one big wayang show. the standard of training for the vast majority of our troops is simply not up to par compared to training in the idf and usa marines.

  26. Chan Chun Sing is basically a cocky idiot who have a big ego. Imagine calling the entire online community a "fringe lunatic"!!!!