Thursday, February 24, 2011

Singapore Election Department Drawn Electoral Boundaries

Finally after weeks of propaganda by the PAP Government, the Singapore Election Department finally released the Electoral Boundaries.

As usual, the GRC system is the only unique system in the world beside North Korea where once the country turned up to vote for 1 party, the North Korean Communist Party.

I am consoled that in Singapore, there will never be every Singaporeans voting for the PAP. (who happened to liked putting the feather on their hats). I am really sick of their evil policies in the Budget to raise the Foreign Workers Levies to make the PAP Government look good. I bet after election, (I hoped more opposition will be there after this GE) PAP government will revise the Foreign Workers Levies again to screw Singaporeans again.

I had decided that I will not vote for PAP for the following reasons:

1. Opening of the flood gates of foreigners into Singapore to compete for jobs with Singaporeans.

2. No independent Election Department (Its under the Prime Minister's Office, WTF???)

3. Letting off the Romanian foreign diplomat fly off after a hit and run and yet did not detain him (not say he big shot diplomat from USA or Thailand or Malaysia but from Eastern Europe Romania).

4. Give Free Scholarships to ingrates from PRC and they started job hunts back in China.

5. Having a World Best Salary while keep telling the people to increase productivity and settle with low wages for low income earners. Anyway we no need a minimum wages policy although China and Hong Kong had already implemented one.

6. Irritated by those PAP MPs who always gave some of the best policies, speeches and comments in the world:
  • MM Lee - "You open you both eyes when you walk in" Referring to the losses in Lehmen Bros and other "Toxic Investment" (then a few of the PAP Town councils were found to have invested in Lehmen Brothers). Hugh losses in Temasek under MM Lee as its CHAIRMAN and his daughter-in-law, HO CHING, wife of PM Lee as its CEO).
  • MM Lee- Malays, please do not be too religious, bad for Singapore!
  • SM Goh - ZZZZ these few days.

  • SM Jayakumar - ZZZZ - Never heard of any speech from him these few days!

  • PM Lee - Son of MM Lee who implemented: Come foreigner come and screw Singaporeans and started the Mai Hum Mai Hum Song! Hiding behind a 6 members GRC.

  • Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean - Really ZZZZ in Parliament!

  • Mah Bow Tan- Last year I said the supply of Flats are based on supply and demand, now I say we will build more for first timer! We also need 6.5 Million People in Singapore :)
  • Law (and Home Affairs) Minister K. Shanmugam: "Singapore was not a country", you ask any school kids every m and I bet you can get a wiser answer!
  • Vivian Balakrisnan - S$300 million is well spent on the Youth Olympic! Raising food allowance for low income = You want to eat in Restaurant?
  • Labour minister Lim Swee Say aka the Joker! - We did our best for workers! Better faster quickie! We are a bunch of deaf PAP frogs! Dun talk to us!!
  • Manpower Minister Gan - Puppet of the Lees.

  • Environment minister - Freak flood, please dun blame me! My perm sec busy cooking in Paris during recession! I am floating on a Ark in ChingGay 2011 while Singapore is flooded!

  • Foreigner minister - We are confused by the statement of the ass hole Romanian diplomat! We have to left him go home to treat his diabetics :)

  • Wong Kan Seng - Home Minister - Not my fault Mas Selamat escape, its the fault of the junior officer and the camp commandant who did not fixed the broken window :) I wasted thousands of man hours from Mindef and Home affairs by ordering the soldiers and police to comb the forested areas in Singapore and guarding cemeteries (use brain use brain!) How I know Mas Salamat will not hide in the forest or cemeteries?? I do not know he had immediately floated away at once when he escaped to JB! Who knows out supposing lower class cousin, the Malaysian Police founded him first! Me very pai say wan you know?

  • 2 x Minister without portfolio worth S$1m each - ZZZZ as well

  • Health Minister: "My personal view is, our land is expensive. But we have nearby neighbours in Johor, Batam and Bintan. The elderly want to reach their doctors within half to one hour". Ask Ah Kong and Ah Ma to die in JB, at least no need to exhume their remains after the Lim Chu Kang cemeteries plot lease expires.



    opposition low thia khiang was sued/given lawyer letter by hougang residence for with holding financial information for 2 ++ months and delaying housing upgradings

  2. From what I've seen here, the writer is 100% idiot and loser with subnormal mentality!

    From A PRC stayed in SG for 20 years

  3. good article, pap to wake up, no one can afford public housing nowsaday even BTO and we can all expect very late retirement because all our cpf go to housing installements, i will never see my cpf money!! The next generation will suffer more.

    Housing prices is a bubble which will burst as people cannot afford public housing will continue to stay with parents or buy almost equally priced condominium.

    However damn foreigner influx maintains the demand for public housing as they don't mind the ridiculous high price just cos they want to work in singapore or convert to pr. They are dragging us down.

    Many Singaporean vote for PAP instead of opposition so that their property prices can go up after 5 years and they can sell off their flat to earn profit and then buy condominiums. Singapore will soon become the most expensive place to live in, maybe not now but for the future generation if things don't change.