Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foreign Worker Levy and the Election

SM Goh in today paper was saying that some companies relying on foreign workers may close shop if the increased rate of foreign levies kicks in. He also mentioned that by doing the NECESSARY such as upgrading the workers' skills, investing in NEW EQUIPMENT, redesigning work process, hiring OUT OF WORK WOMEN and OLDER workers.

But is SM Goh's suggestion will really works or its a pre-election softener to help PAP look good to Singaporeans especially the electorates. Will it really help Singapore to rely less on Foreign Workers? After angering a few small time tow kays vs angering thousands of ordinary Singapore, PAP government now choose to offend the former.

Assume that the PAP is still the majority party, Large companies will cry fouls about the hugh cost of operating and there are jobs Singaporeans can't due to low wages. I sure can bet that the PAP government will lower the Foreign Worker Levy AFTER THE ELECTION.

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