Friday, December 31, 2010

Massive PAP Christmas and New Year Posters

I was around Jurong Area and could not notice the Larger than Live Size posters of the Jurong GRC Members' Christmas and New Greeting posters. So hugh that they are larger than human size and I was wondering the cost of each poster must be at least $500 or more. There are many of such large posters and paid by Jurong Town Council.

Election may be around the corner and Jurong Town council and it MPs are using the people's money for politics, tsk tsk!

Jurong Town Council Logo

PAP Town Councils - Part 3

As 2010 draws to a close, there are some pictures of PAP Town Council that need to be posted. One look, it may look like in Malaysia. But these pictures are taken in HDB Estate managed by PAP. I was wondering those PAP certified inspectors were blind or something during their inspections to compile the Town Councils score cards.

Water leaking from Fire Hoses......
Cracked life fire switch cover

Severe mold formed on a MS carpark

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lots of thoughts but time is lacking

My current work take some my time away and there are many thought in me that I wanted to write badly but time is really lacking.

There are pictures from HDB estates managed by PAP Town Councils to be published, my thought on Official Secrets Acts when Wikileak's embarrassing secrets revealed about Singapore Leaders' thoughts about our neighbours. Then our million dollars minister said something about why Singapore need the Official Secrets Acts. IMO, the sole purpose of Official Secrets Acts is to protect the faces of top PAP Leaders in Singapore.

I just realised that I had this blog for about 1.5 years and the reason why I started this was the frustration of being jobless for about 1 year plus despite me in mid 30s.

I had a poly diploma in Engineering from local polytechnic and a bachelor from part time study while I was employed by the government. I had bit of consolation that my predicament was due to the World Wide Economic Crisis. However, in my job as a HR person, I saw the hypocritical hiring practices of International MNCs by hiring foreigners over Singaporeans.

Some of these Multi-Nationals Companies went to Malaysia or Philippines to hire Engineers, technicians positions that Singaporeans are WILLING to do but commands higher pay than people from Malaysia or Philippines.

My countless resumes sent to many companies despite dressing it well over the 2+ years all ending up in the trash or bottom of the pile.

Although my pay is in the $1k region after deducting CPF, I am grateful to be able to stand again on my own. I really hoped that job openings can be more in 2011.

Anyway, serious thoughts aside, my friend had sent my a link from the world authority Encyclopedia about Singapore. And it really funny and there are truths in the hilarious writeups.


"Robo Lee"