Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why should there be a TV License?

Today paper had an article braining washing Singaporeans why we should be paying for the TV License or TV tax. I just received my household Property tax form from IRAS and "piggy back" was the payment for the TV "License". If TV License fees is not a form of tax, then why the MDA's TV License Fees from Singapore household are collected by IRAS, Singapore Tax Department?

The usual crap from the MDA according to the today paper emphasis on the "goodness" of the TV Tax to support Public education program. They keep harping about this taxes help to produced the wonderful public service program such as the "Little Nonya". To be frank, I did not even watched an episode of this "wonderful" public education program.

Erm, "Little Nonya" wanted to educate us about the Straits Chinese originated from Malacca, Malaysia?

I never support paying and believed that viewers should be taxed for watching or owning TV. Each month the government is taxing us $9.17.

This are my previous posts on the "ills" of TV Tax in Singapore and to summaries, there are NO TV License in most developed nations.