Monday, November 8, 2010

Sitoh Yih Pin the PAP Hypocrite

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As expected, after PAP Low's hypocritical act of offering "bribes" to the residents of Hougang, I was waiting for Sitoh Yih Pin to the same at Potong Pasir. Today on the way home, I was at 7-11 and from the PAP Government controlled SPH Media, the Chinese Evening Tabloid had an article that Sitoh Yih Pin the PAP Hypocrite aka the other missing PAP Hypocrite appeared at Potong Pasir to announce the Lift Upgrading to the residents.

I was wondering how the residents feel; the feel super happy and will vote for PAP and kick Mr Chiam and wife out of Potong Pasir or still vote for Oppositions?

I will wait and see the Wayang from PAP to unfold ;)

Reference from the OnlineCitizens

On Eric Low
A year ago, a despondent Mr Eric Low fresh from a second straight morale-sapping electoral defeat at the hands of Workers’ Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiangdecided that he would stop being taken for granted by Hougang residents.
So, he slapped a fee on his previously free health-screening programme and stopped his Meet-The-People sessions and popular free breakfast service for the needy.

On Sitoh Yih Pin
When contacted, Mr Sitoh said he had “no immediate plans” to resume his activities, including meet-the-people sessions, in Potong Pasir. According to grassroots leaders, residents have probably seen the last of the famous $2 shark’s fin soup and abalone porridge dished out at community events in the past.
Mr Sitoh’s right-hand man Chua Kian Meng said no community outreach events have been held since the elections. “So far, there’s been nothing. There’s also nothing planned,” he said.
(Today, 18 June 2007)

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