Monday, October 11, 2010

Nelson Mandela says "I'm no saint"

Source: AFP

In an AFP article on Ex South African President Nelson Mendela who was jailed for 27 Years for his fight against the white-minority apartheid South African government, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and subsequently elected South Africa's first Black President and paved way for a more democratic South Africa.

In the article, he was quoted saying, "One issue that deeply worried me in prison was the false image I unwittingly projected to the outside world; of being regarded as a saint"

During the year that Nelson Mandela was released the world's longest serving "prisoner of conscience", Chia Thye Poh was released from ISD and sent to Sentosa for "holiday" and movement was restricted to Sentosa.

IMO, if Nelson Mendela is a Singaporean, he will never become president as our $3million standard for Presidential candidate already disqualified Nelson Mandela.

I wondered if the late President Ong had really pissed off MM Lee that he ordered that all future PAP endorsed President must clear this special hurdle before becoming a candidate.

I had written about the strait jacket Requirement and Regulation qualifying the Singapore Elected President Candidate here:

Singapore Super President

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