Monday, October 19, 2009

Boon Lay Ave Blk 216-220 Part II

The 5 Block of flats at Boon Lay Ave are undergoing renovation so that it can be rented as a whole unit or rooms. A agent is asking for Rental of $1800 for a whole unit. When I was there a few days ago, I met a Singaporean man whom relative stayed there on low floor in one of the flat, he told me rental is $1300.


I looked at some of the units and the workers were doing touching up of the units such as electrical and fixtures. This estate is one of the vintage HDB flats where the greenish marble flooring bring back old memories.

I came across a unit that the previous owner had done a great deal of renovation work before being affected by the en bloc. I felt really sad for the owner to vacate the flat and supposing the blocks of flats are supposed to be demolished, but ended up some other families will take possession of it.....

Nicely done up wrought iron gate by previous owner

Built in wardrobe in one of the room.

Master Bed room

Nicely renovated living room with new tiles and cabinet by ex-owner

Very nice kitchen, done up by ex owner...

IMO, the sad thing about the units at the 5 blocks was the residents were ask to uproot their families, old neighbors were separated etc. Also some liked the unit above must have spent a lot in renovating the house, yet a group of strangers will be living in the supposing "home".

This is other unit that was not in good condition

However, this units liked the rest had been given a fresh coat of paint.

The following is another unit whom the former owner had left their ceiling fan, to the enjoyment of the new occupants.......

Mains Power cables ready to be installed with electrical meter for new occupants.

The following is another units undergoing conversion to a "new" unit for rental, as a whole unit or rooms.

The estate is under PAP management and under West Coast Town Council. In my mind, Mdm Ho Gek Choo the PAP MP for the will need lots of explanation to the former residents of the 5 blocks at Boon Lay Ave.......

Boon Lay Ave Blk 216 - 220

I passed by Boon Lay Ave a few occasions and noticed that Block 216-220 is still intact. The former residents were told to move out due to an "en bloc" development in the estate.

Today, I passed by once again and saw this interesting banners. It seem that HDB does not want to associate itself to the Boon Lay Ave Blk 216-220. I can see that the banner with the wording "HDB" been "Blanko". I think the managing LHN Group Residential was told to "blanko" the wording "HDB". After these estate had alrady been "En Bloc"ed. It had nothing to do with HDB.

I still remember this estate very well because I lived there and although I had left there many years ago, some of my friends had been affected by the en bloc. There was a on TV documentary on the unhappiness of the residents over the en bloc and the MP of that area Mdm Ho Gek Choo seem did not care less. Some of the residents had then recently bought units in these blocks of flats after were told en bloc was not coming.

These residents who newly bought these flats in the estate had bitter feelings after they had done a complete renovations, then they were told of the en bloc. If I am those residents, whom do u think I will vote for the coming GE? This sort of behavior will come from a walk over MP who did not get the mandate from the residents and they only looked after their own interest. Mostly PAP sided intrest.

These pictures brought many memories to me as I had played with friends during my childhood many years ago. Now the new landlord had been painting and preparating tenants to stay in the estate of Boon Lay Block 216-220; after the residents were made to move away for en bloc.

Managing Agent office? Last time used to be provision shops.

Workers painting the supposingly en bloc flat

(Freshly painted Block)

Newly installed aircon (Samsung brand)

(Air con Samsung brand)

View from Main Road (Boon Lay Ave)

This block is preparing to be painted with a fresh coat of paint.

(Even the Rubbish Bins bears LHN Group Logo)

I was wondering, coming 10-20 years if PAP still in power, will our estates be sold just liked our power stations to private estate manageing agents liked LHN Group? So is PAP be washing hands from the issues arise from HDB flat dwellers, just liked the Seng Siong Market issues?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old Folks Scavenging

I cannot help but noticing that there are old folks scavenging for empty drink cans and cupboard paper to sell to scrap collectors for menial amount of money. I do not know about their financial background but it cannot be assumed that these old folks who lived in their own 3 room flats are well off. They probability bought the flat from HDB more than 30 years ago for $30,000 and since paid off their flats. I believed that these old folks need money for daily necessities and you cannot expect their fully paid flat to feed you unless you rent out one of the rooms.

I do not meant to be rude or intruding, but these pictures paints a picture of our aging populations. These old folks had contributed to the growth of Singapore and is this what to be expected of them to do after they had retired and too old to work? Is this the only way but to collect scraps for living in supposing their "golden years"? I believed that more can be done to these old folks and the $10 million dollars if available can do something to these old folks rather than spending it to foreigners. But in my own opinion, the old folks in the PAP government's eyes are a liabilities, they rather invest the $10 million in foreigners and PRs.

The tired face of this old granny...... Who will not want to stay at home to enjoy the "twilight light" years if they are able to?

This old lady liked the other old lady above, pushed her trolley away after finding all the cans in the Green Refuse Bin.....