Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jobs, but no locals?

I really disgusted by the article from Today Paper dated 29 July 09 "Jobs, but no locals- Businesses in Little India find it tough to hire Singaporeans"

I wondered does the boss from the Indian restaurant know how much is $1500.00 is to an average family. Can $1500.00 feed a family of 4?

In the article, the owner also "appeal" to MOM minister Mr Gan not to "kill the golden goose" by lowering the foreign worker quota. We must ask why business owners cannot employed locals who are will to work blood and sweat for a menial $1500.00? Malaysians may find it attractive to earn such "high" pay due to forex.

I really doubted if our "Uniquely Singapore" tripartite labor relation will help to improve lives of ordinary Singaporeans to get a "win-win" situation for Employers and Employees. MOM Minister also said the ministry will work with the F&B Union. But have the unions leaders step out to help to fight for higher wages for its union members?

Mr Rajamkumar Chandra who is also the said Indian Restaurant owner is the also chairman of the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association. Of course he wanted to hire cheaper workers so that his profit will be healthy, but at expenses of Singaporeans who find wages offered by business owners such as Mr Chandra low to support family.

Our "democratically" elected PAP government must act to safe guard the wages of Singapore and Communist China even imposed minimum wages for its low income workers. Why not Singapore? Who is really the Golden Goose? Singaporeans or Foreigners? Who is really killing the Golder Goose now?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Singapore Immigration Policy

As a Singaporean, I cannot help but notices that there are more foreign immigrants living among us. I am not referring to Bangadesh, Chinese or Thai workers working in ship yards or construction sites. There are more Employment Pass workers fighting for jobs with Singaporean or PR.

Talking about PR, I think PR status should be revived every 2 - 3 years. I ever encountered jobless PR from China and yet, the funny policy from MOM or ICA is that you cannot leave the country if you are jobless or else you cannot reenter Singapore. But I am not sure if jobless PRs can be allowed to stay in Singapore to look for jobs?

For example, if a PR from a particular country was about to be retrenched, his company out compassion help him apply PR before retrenched. Is this helping Singaporeby adding him to the already large pool of retrenched Singaporeans? We are also a immigration transit country where PRs also enjoyed certain benefits of a citizens. But their roots are not in Singapore and most of them is just taking Singapore a stepping stone to another country! But this at the expenses of Singaporeans......

I had not been thinking of leaving the country of my birth until recently about 2 years ago when I was awaken to the social and political situation of Singapore. I am particular displeased with the current government's method of immigration policy. From what I gather, we are the most immigration friendly country with 1 in 4 foreigners. The government never listen and only give indications of their "listening" to selective groups of Singaporeans.

I think Singaporeans must be aware and be awaken from their political dreamscape created by PAP government. What the PAP created was "no one will ever do it as good as us" but they are afraid of "angry voters" venting their frustrations by voting a "less capable" candidates from opposition. Thus the creation of the GRC system in Singapore.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magical Singapore National Flag

National Day is coming up soon and the annual flag hanging exercise by my Town Council had already started and completed by this week. Later I will post the before and after of the National Flag hanging exercise completed by our "Bangladesh" TC workers. Last time in July when I was staying at my parent's place, I always wanted to be the first to put up the National Flag in my block. But seem now there is no need because the National Flags being put up is > 90%.

On 5th July - No Singapore National Flag

On 7 July! All units have Singapore National Flags!

All Thanks to the TC Bangadesh Workers!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1st Post

This is my new blog page which I started. I belong to those who will hid behind the anonymity of the internet to blog about social and political issues. This will be my disclaimer, all these blog entries are purely personal and read at your own discretion.